Teachers, Musicians, Staff

We are currently putting together the list with all the teachers and musicians for the festival and will publish their bios in the coming weeks.

You can still view the previous festival program below.



Known from the Swedish TV4 success show, ”Life on the other side,” is one of Sweden’s most active spiritual teachers right now. Zoë is constantly developing new work shops and modalities. She has developed the unique concept Be an attractive MagnetTM and Nordic Light Healing. In addition to the popular workshops, Zoë is also a healer and do private sessions, where she helps people to get in touch with their star families, the other side and their life purpose. Thousands of people have taken part of her DNA activations and her crystal The Golden Frequency; The crystal that is programmed with 5-dimensional Christ Light to support the carrier in keeping their light steady, both for their own sake and for the ascension of the Earth, the increased collective consciousness. She developed this so that all light workers can connect with each other in an energetic network to keep the light. She also has classes where she helps light workers start their own businesses. Zoë does workshops both in Sweden and abroad, at festivals, company events and to individuals. Everything Zoë does involves love energy, it’s what makes her meditations remain in your consciousness long after you meet her. Zoë works on a higher vibration than most spiritual teachers, that is what makes her a unique experience. At the festival Zoë will give the following workshops: DNA activations and the Ascension, Crystals magical wisdom from Atlantis, Be an Attractive Magnet – Your soul’s Super Power, Meet your Spirit Guide – guidance in the new era and Dance Your Superpower.  www.zoeland.se

Tina Ikonomidou & Håkan Lagesson

Tina and Håkan are both kundalini yoga and meditation teachers who continue to explore the unconditional path of the heart. They offer classes, workshops and retreats in Sweden.

Håkan has specialized in the gong and its healing vibrations that take you to a place where thoughts end and the real self begins. Tina’s passion is the soul of Yoga. She works as a therapist and guide, educator and lecturer. During the festival, they will hold a workshop series with 4 workshops dedicated to the opening of our hearts through yoga, meditation, mantra and healing vibrations and sounds from gong, hang, drum and didjeridoo. They will work with our base chakra; take us down into our roots, into our creative flow, up to our power center to eventually blossom into our hearts. They will also hold kundaliniyoga classes with gong relaxation and possibly a couples workshop. Read more about Tina & Håkan here: www.hakanlagesson.com & www.tinaikonomidou.com Tinas Holistic center in Helsingborg: www.helhetsakademin.se

Roland Nahringbauer

Roland is a kundalini yoga teacher and leads Sadhana on the beach, yoga classes and breathwalks. To do Sadhana at sunrise has been top priority for him every festival since 2004. The yoga set followed by heart opening mantra meditations, at the time of day when we are most open to the effects, leaves no one untouched. It’s one of the best thing you can do to be in harmony with the shift in consciousness that humanity is facing right now. With his base in the Swedish city of Uppsala Roland teaches and studies Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, full time since 2004. He offers yoga courses, workshops, private sessions and Teacher Trainings. For more info about kundaliniyoga and Roland see www.yogiontheroad.se och www.kundaliniyoga.nu


Sharada has lived the last 10 years in Ubud, Bali and India. She has been studying, teaching and living in a spiritual community under the guidance of her revered teachers who have taught her Vedanta, Sanskrit, Vedic Chanting, Meditation, Puja (Vedic Ritual) as well as Jungian Psychology and Inner Child Meditation. In 2014 She had the privilege to study with Shree Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati during a 3.5 years residential course in India, Vedanta and Sanskrit.

Sharada holds workshops in Bhakti – Ritualizing ones life, Women’s Devi Circle, Vedanta, Guided Meditation & Satsang. For more information see: www.vaidika.org and www.underthebanyantree.info.

Ahmad Matar

Ahmad Matar is a 21 year old Palestinian from Gaza. He is one of the Parkour Athletes who brought the Parkour sport to Palestine. He began with the sport on his own as a 10 year-old on the streets of his town. His dream was to be able to leave Gaza in order to join competitions in other parts of the world. In November 2016 his dream was manifested when he was invited to Sweden, expenses paid, and he managed to get out of Gaza. He has been coaching parkour for 5 years for different age groups and has done many workshops in Gaza and Sweden. At the moment he is teaching two parkour groups in Stenungsund. In the space of love festival he will be teaching parkour daily for everyone who would like to learn. We will learn basic skills as well as parkour games so it will be fun for all. An advanced class may also be offered if there is interest.

Sara and Stephan

Sara has been dancing everything from ballet to African dance since the age of 14 , and at 20 salsa came into her life. Today she has a particular interest in tango fusion and contact dance that involves mixing couple dance steps with improvisation to varied music. She has a solid experience in holding workshops in communication and awareness of the body and also work with yoga and body therapy.<p\>

Stephane is a popular partner on the dance floor who constantly improvises and creates, inspired by the music. With roots in salsa and cha-cha, Stéphane easily mixes different styles and is influenced by tango, blues, west coast swing, and more. In addition to dancing, Stéphane is a devoted practitioner of Tai Chi and Kung Fu giving him extra inspiration in dance and life.<p\>

At the festival they will offer workshops which include contact improvisation and energy transfer in couple dancing. They bring inspiration from yoga and body therapy for posture and weight transfer. The music is inspired from various sources and means a lot to dance, creating a profound experience.

Paula Nygren

Paula is a passionate sexsibility facilitator, coach, masseur and dance teacher. She coaches and provides treatments for couples and individuals. Her great interest is people, personal development, dancing, joy and presence. She strives to inspire her students to be more alive, more embodied, with increased lust and energy. In Gothenburg she has been lovingly leading groups for several years and her sexsibility evenings and tantra courses are always fully booked. Paula has three children and shares her life with Henrik who has studied shamanism and shamanic healing. Together they hold tantra for couples in which they share relational strengths and practices that have been important to them during their ten years together on the path of tantra and love. At the festival, Paula and Henrik will hold tantra and sexsibility workshops for singles and couples. Paula will also hold free dance, a dance journey through the chakra system.

Emma Johansson

Emma will share soft, creative morning classes, give yourself a beautiful way to wake up!

In the beginning I didn’t like yoga at all, but something in me reached for the invitation of its mystical practice and made me keep on going. Strict routines simply weren’t for me in my teenage. Suddenly when my resistance towards the training eased a bit, this whole new world opened up. Not just the love for yoga but also new teachers with differing ways of sharing yoga; soft, fluid and free movements was where I found my home. I believe in the wisdom which we are born with, simply put – we have it all inside of us. With that said, the lust for studies never really ended. Since 2010 I studied Hatha, Hatha Flow and martial arts combined, Yin Yoga and Yoga Somatic, with over 500 hours of yoga and 200 hours Somatic bodywork, the curiosity and urge to deepen my practice never really waned!

If you come to one of my classes, we will honour the place in you which teaches us things, the Somatic Experience. What’s in your body? How can we let our own experience merge into something bigger and make this world a more peaceful place? As much as we have the wisdom to heal ourselves, the world must heal too. During the last years I studied both Yoga, Bodywork on land and in water and Meditation with my teacher Ateeka, from whom I find a lot of my knowledge.


Elin Scott

A yogi with a great devoted to kids is responsible for children’s activities during the festival. Elin is a certified child yoga instructor and language and religious teacher. She works in the Swedish Church where she organizes yoga events, meditations and moments of silence and presence, and is responsible for mini- and junior groups and children’s choirs. Elin is passionate about yoga, education and child welfare. At the festival she offers yoga games, park and beach play, face painting, fairy tales, song, dance, theater and much more. For example, Yoga play can be exercises to detect breathing as a tool for life, actively listening outwardly and inwardly, building self-esteem, improving coordination, balance, memory, concentration, patience, setting limits, sharing, etc.


Tim Jago

TIm is a shaman, a gardener, a kundalini yogi and enjoys primitive living. Tim will offer you a sweat lodge experience which will broaden your horizons and may change your life! Tim’s lodges are based on a celtic shamanic tradition designed to guide you into deep contact with your spirit. In that intimacy you are free to return to your centre and follow your own path. This year I’ll also be inviting you to join me in playing with the Wild Body, a workshop which opens the senses and expands your intuition using the natura around us as our playground.At last the wild one within gets to come out and have fun!

Djana Fahryeva

“The Soul Trek” Artwork and Books. A unique project created by Djana, a free spirited world-traveler. The Book was inspired by the spiritual discovery during a meditation retreat in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal. I would like to share with you my true story of energy, psychic power, soul connections and twin flames. It is an interweave of love story with samsaric existence, and transformation from duality into oneness.

I also love to share with you my art prints which you can purchase to make a beautiful meditation tool and gift of love.”

More info: www.thesoultrek.org

Wilson and Maria Costin

Wilson and Maria Costin are part of the Panche Community in Colombia. For many years they have been learning with elders of different native tribes such as Arhuaco, Tikuna, Kofan, Siona, Witoto and Muisca. Their mission is to act as bridges to share this wisdom in Europe and bring those willing to learn deeper to our community. The idea is for each individual to reconnect with their ancestors and find their way. They will hold ceremonies with the sacred and ancient substance called Rapé, a powder made from pure tobacco and ashes from medicinal plants. The ceremony is a space of healing and understanding of oneself and the world, spiritual evolvement and a processes of cleaning and detoxification. The powder is applied by blowing it up the nostrils.We will share stories from different traditions, songs, talk and guidance throughout the ceremony. In the end we make a general harmonization and energy cleansing.

Xochi Bucuru Botache – Yarumari

Samy Sandara – Sacred Woman

A workshop for health and birth of feminine magic. Recognize your divine feminine essence, remember and learn practical knowledge for health, conscious planning, ovarian respiration, uterus and womb healing with a medicine woman belonging to the Panche ethnic group in Colombia. Taught from childhood by elders, dedicated to share traditional medicine and wisdom with the purpose of providing healing and opening the path of a spiritual school from the awareness of love.

Zion Ivarsson

Painting and creative processes. David is an art teacher who works with creative processes mainly through painting. He has been guiding large and small groups with children and adults in different constellations, inspired by a very free process. He and his partner Canelle Chinmayi have also started the company Cirklar which offers yoga and painting retreats and workshops.

The workshops and courses have different content but always with the focus on developing the creativity that we all possess. Developing creativity is a basic human need. Previous painting skills are not required to take part in the workshops and courses. During the festival Zion will lead a color meditation in which we go through the colors of the different chakras and work with them. We will learn to find the flow in the creative process without limitations. Zion will also offer “Rhythm and Paint” in which we paint accompanied by live music.


Linnéa had been practicing dance for more than 25 years, in the form of traditional classes where you copy and imitate a leader. She had tried most styles, from Greek folk dance to hiphop. She started longing for something more, something deeper in the dance, something other than memorizing choreographic, trying to get it right and trying to look like somebody else. The most fun moments had always been out in clubs when spontaneous dancing synchronized with other people’s moves on the dance floor or when she entered a state of forgetting time and space and having no thoughts. How do you teach that experience in a class? Is it possible? And how could she provide classes in a certain style, who knew a bit about many different styles?

In 2011 an article appeared in Friskispressen that were about Misty Tripoli and her class The Groove. It was exactly what she had been looking for! A class that unifies the participants in the same rhythm or movement and that is so simple that you can flex your creativity, put your unique mark on the step and at the same time experience how the movement feels in your body, instead of concentrating on getting it right. Different styles of music are mixed so that the span of movement is wide and varied. The Groove is an experience more than a dance class, you don’t know how it feels until you’ve tried. You are warmly invited to this class where you get to express your own unique style and personality, on a dance floor steaming with creativity, depth and joy.

Rebecka Magnusson

Rebecka has practiced, studied and taught yoga for the past 10 years. Her yoga journey began in the ashtanga yoga tradition but over the years she has spread her wings and now she’s primarily teach vinyasa, yin and therapeutic yoga. Rebecka also works as a masseur and ayurveda therapist and organizes yoga retreat around the world. At the festival she will offer vinyasa, yin and an inversion workshop. She also bring the massage table if you want to book a treatment www.livochlotus.se


Hanzano has a teacher trainings in virya yoga and yin yoga. He holds classes at Hellasgården in Stockholm and in Skarpnack. He has devoted himself to the practice of yoga for 14 years and often travels to Bali for further study. He believes that yoga can and should be fun.

Zoulyoga: The basis is dynamic hatha yoga with a lot of inspiration from Virya yoga’s bio-mechanics and flowing movements. This can be both demanding and challenging. The asanas come from various yoga traditions many different animals and fish are manifested. Unusual variations of the Salute to the Sun pop up on occasion. Classes are geared to the needs and desires of the participants. Yin yoga poses are done at the end of each session. The classes usually consist of about 70% yang energy 30% yin energy.

Live music is often integrated into the class.

Cesilia Ekroth

Cesilia is the author of the transforming book “This Creative Existence- unfolding a new conscious world” As a practitioner of different art forms, she is a spiritual spider that intertwines our senses in inner journeys. She brings together the eye of the artist and the poet’s language to move beyond the three-dimensional world into transformation.

Here at the Space of Love festival, she will use her singing crystal bowls, drums and voice in harmonics to bring us through to a deep meditative healing state that otherwise takes long practice. The guided meditations take us into ourselves and our own divinity … our ability to create our lives in harmony with the cosmos flows. She also offers sound healing combined with voice and crystals.


Stella Kaspernovic

I am a proud vegan woman from Irkutsk, Siberia, located near lake Baikal. The lake is very significant in Russian culture and it has had a strong influence on me. Siberian shamans gravitate to lake Baikal and I think this is why I have tried to explore spirituality all my life.

I attended many spiritual and educational seminars, trying to find the meaning of life, and one day I discovered Human Design and decided to investigate it further. I was able to learn about my weaknesses and strengths. Now, I share my knowledge with others as a consultant. I help people find their strategy for making decisions. I encourage others to start their experiment with practicing human design in their lives. It is beautiful journey to knowing yourself, your uniqueness, and to see the incredibly intricate mechanics of life.

Mouschka Shanta Drouzy

As long as she remembers, Mouschka has been curious about why humans do as the do & sharp at pointing out dark spots that need to be released. Her passion is to help people listen to their deeper voice & trust that voice in order to stand in their power. As an entrepreneur Mouschka is learning by doing & she carries the energy of daring to jump into the new and she knows also the value of daring to deal with inner dark spots. She advocates total honesty as a means of loving oneself & honouring another’s power. The room she creates is both serious & humouristic. At the festival she will guide a drum journey ceremony, where you can access your inner power through connection with your Totems. Come with an intention for something you want to manifest or want help with & the willingness to say YES to yourself. Both emotional & physical healing can happen & you can get a spirit helper for life. Mouschka’s passion for doing drum journeys emerged 4 years ago, when the magic of her first drum called her. When she drums, she uses her knowledge from Reiki initiation & let’s the drum & its spirits be the guide. She has a 2½ year long training as a life coach & also gives drum-coaching sessions that include finding hidden limiting beliefs, working with the emotions hidden in the body & transformative energy work through visualisations. For more info find her at her power animal jewellery stand which also includes magnificent personlised crystal-drums. www.amouschka.dk

Towe Patricia

Towe Patricia’s passion is to strengthen the feminine power within all of us, especially women in this masculine culture. She therefore works primarily with women in a variety of ways. Her education and experience as a coach, drama teacher, performance artist and singer as well as many years of yoga, women’s circles and esoteric tantric knowledge, has provided her with many tools for her workshops. Towe has left behind her shy personality and developed into a woman who dares to do what she believes in. She made her own healing journey in  feminine power, which resulted in her becoming an active yoni mapping therapist. She works with female pelvic health and self-esteem using healing massage and coaching. Read more about her work at www.yourtruenature.se and yoni mapping therapy at https://yourtruenature.se/ yonimappingtherapy /
“It’s within you that magic happens”

David Styles

Heart connection facilitator for men. David Styles worked as a Civil Engineer in the corporate world. However, the stress lead to a burnout. So he quit and immersed himself in the forests of Australia for a year. During this solo time in the forests, he found a deep sense of peace and calm within himself. As the months rolled on, he discovered a profound connection and communication open up within his heart. After sharing about this space with a few of his friends, they were interested in how to access this space within their heart as well. Word of mouth spread and David soon found himself offering personal sessions and workshops about connecting with the heart space.

“All the answers dwell within your heart.” ~ David Styles

Sereno Cantaro

Born in Chile from a long lineage of politicians, priests and musicians, Sereno keeps his family tradition searching on Ethics and Aesthetics through sound, words, rhythms, dance and all possible combinations within group dynamics. His purpose is to co-develop sensitivity and connectivity with all creation and all times. Becoming father of 2 kids he developed the arts of homeing in unique ways, practicing freeganism, squatting and home schooling for around 8 years and so becoming teacher and student for the new generations. For 6 years Sereno trained as a musician with a folk band called Lecheburre. Their spontaneity and ritualistic concerts let them to be included in several Swedish school programs to teach creativity, choreography and music under a workshops format called lecheburritos.

Nowadays Sereno is collaborating with musicians, spiritual guides in drum circles, yoga teacher and giving concerts and working on his first solo album.

Mattias Sundman

Mattias is educated Gong Master and a MEM-Yoga teacher. He is recently on leave and is now trying out his new company – Feel The Vibes (www.feelthevibes.se) on full time. He regularly has Gong Relaxations in Nynäshamn and south of Stockholm and attending festivals and happenings all over in Sweden. The amazing sound of the Gongs helps the mind to “turn off”, which puts you in a state between sleep and awakening. This together with the Gongs vibrations, which goes deep into the body, helps the self-healing process and releases tensions and blockages in the body. After a Gong Bath, you often feel very relaxed and ready to take care of things with new energy!

Beatrice Nilsson ”Tigresdevi”

From “Powerlifting” to yoga! During the 80s, Beatrice was active in the Swedish national team in powerlifting. She traveled around the world, participated in several Championships, and had the European record in the deadlift, was Nordic Champion etc. Her interest in the deep frequencies, vibrations and freedom came as a teenager, which naturally led to her buying her own Harley Davidson Electra Glide in 1982 and is still driving the same! She Began her work with wellness in 1981 at Varberg Kurort. In 1989 she started her own company,where she currently is working with treatments, yoga, and gong healing. It was in 1988 when she worked as a masseur and fitness instructor in France, that she joined her first course in yoga. “It is among the funnest things I know to find new techniques or really old techniques and then weave them into a beneficial energizing treatment or yoga.” During the last few years, she has become more and more interested in playing the gongs, bowls etc. She enjoys traveling around, playing at events, festivals, pujas and yoga classes almost every week . “I really enoy the creation of healing vibrations. To give people this healing experience. It is really for everyone. The biker, the yogi, the whoever – for world peace!! Vibrations take you to your true inner self. They balance up what is needed for the moment and take you on a journey within and beyond yourself.” “ The Gong is the spirit song it is the primal whisper of the soul!”  Yogi Bhajan www.friskvardscentralen.se    www.handgreppet.se

Poleen D’Athis

Poleen teaches with all her heart Animal Flow Yoga, a fluid primal Vinyasa. This French yoga sharer taught in London for a few years before embracing a nomad life in her self converted van. Her aim is to keep sharing her style which combines Animal Flow discipline created by Mike Fitch and Ashtanga Vinyasa. This ground-based practice unites movement with breath to free our inner-energy and increase our intuition, by going back to our primal way to move our body. Expect to have fun with animal locomotion, spinal waves, asanas, and slow but strong transitions. Exploring instinctive motions to deepen our body-mind connection, you’ll improve strength, body control and coordination.

Website : www.poleenyoga.com

Nathalie and Aleider

Heart Chanting with MaTierra is a ceremonial singing circle. We invite you to receive this healing heart medicine and to sing and create together with us. We share our own written music, mantras and traditional music beyond time and culture. As Aleider has studied the arts of shamanism and Nathalie women´s circle and healing with roots of the Amazon they create a ceremonial circle. A space for healing where they work with the elements, chakras and Mother Earth together with the music. Now, they invite you, beyond previous experience, to share this dream, to create and receive the medicine of music!

Nathalie invites you to receive the transmission of the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki Ritual. This is a transmission to heal the womb, it has traveled from the Amazon, from women to women. From womb to womb and now to you! After you have received the rite you are welcomed to pass it forward to other women. Making this beautiful rite most alive and organic. You will receive a manual to support you on this journey and you are also invited to register as a Womb Keeper.

Mamma Dunder

You want to experience Mamma Dunder live! Dance, listen, sing along and be uplifted and filled with love, inspiration and happiness from this groovy, powerful love-world-folk-reggae- music. With lyrics and music about freedom, peace and change you will experience a magical musical journey where everything is possible! More info and music: www.mammadunder.nu

Mamma Dunder Band

Eva and Arvid have been active musicians and participants the latest years on Space of Love. They work passionately full-time with the music and personal development in different projects. Through the healing powers of the music and the creativity they want to change the world to a world full of love, happiness and presence and inspire people to belive in their inner power and follow their dreams and listen to the voice of the heart. They will make us connect through songs, dances and games during the morning gathering circles. They will also arrange other activities during the festival such as Open Stage, beach nights and spontaneous jam and games. Their band Mamma Dunder will also come and give a magical powerful concert night!

Akasha Skaldeman

Akasha, the overall facilitator of the festival, was born and raised in California.
She has been the organizer of the festival
since 2005 and finds a great joy and purpose in this co-creation. She came originally to the festival as a belly dance teacher and a later as a facilitator of the Dances of Universal Peace. She would love to take the opportunity to share the circle dances from this deeply rich and now international tradition.

Emma Dinmali Holmlund

Dinmali organizes the festival with Akasha. She also provides workshops in TRE – Tension and Trauma Release Exercises, which is a technique for relieving stress and tension from the body. At the festival, she will talk about and teach TRE as a self-help technique to use at home. Through a series of physical exercises, we access the body’s inherent ability to relieve stress through so-called neurogenic shaking. When the stress decreases, stress hormones go down, sleep gets better, anxiety and panic decrease, digestion improves, tolerance increases, energy levels improve and worry and anxiety are reduced.
Dinmali also leads family constellations, a deep healing work at the soul level.


Leigh Evans

Leigh is a yoga teacher based in Brooklyn, New York. Passionate yogini and explorer, Leigh is a go-to resource for Ayurvedic Yoga, seasonal wellness practices, sleep yoga, and women’s yoga practices. With 20 years of experience teaching creative, alignment based vinyasa yoga classes, Leigh’s seasoned approach can transform any student who craves insight on the body and the human experience. From the study of Yoga and Ayurveda in India to Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Leigh’s breadth of knowledge gives her the tools to teach practical applications that can change students’ everyday lives. Through an integration of vinyasa yang and restorative yin practice, Leigh’s classes enhance the flow of prana in the body by nourishing specific energy channels and organs offering healing and transformation. Leigh teaches retreats, teacher trainings, and workshops nationally and internationally. For more info on Leigh, visit www.leighevansyoga.com

Göran Lundh

Göran är yogalärare (Kundalini/Yin/Sivananda/Dynamisk Hathayoga) Qigonginstruktör, Massör och Dramapedagog. Började med Taichi tidigt och 2000 kom han i kontakt med Shaolininspirerad qigong och Taichi qigong. Taichi qigong består av 18 stycken flytande, sköna rörelser som passar de flesta. De har inspirerats av Tai chi, dans, och vardagliga rörelser. Vi träffas på stranden varje morgon för ett skönt sätt att börja dagen med att vitalisera, stretcha och sätta igång våra livsenergier och få Qin att flöda.

World Peace Ceremony

World Peace is a noble aspiration and begins with one important step: believing it is possible! We are inviting you to a sacred ceremony where we will connect with the deep wish in all of us of a world in peace. It is a circle where you will be invited to share prayers or offerings from your heart of hearts into a sacred Tibetan vase, dedicated to World Peace. In 2016, Albin began a pilgrimage with one final destination: World Peace. After 4000 km by foot through Europe, the walk2peace became part of the global healing mandala of Himalayan sacred vases known as Earth Treasure Vases and together with Ebba, they carried such a vase from Greece to Turkey. This year they have been blessed to carry another vase and before continuing the peace walk with the vase in South Korea, they are holding ceremonies and sharing this beautiful practice in Scandinavia.

About: Albin and Ebba, the founders of Ways2WorldPeace, are grassroot peace activists guided by their heart and the noble aspiration to create lasting peace on Earth.

Practical guidelines: You are most welcome to bring a small (fingernail size) sacred and natural object of special meaning to you and offer this into the vase, such as incense, tiny gemstones, seeds etc.

Read more on: www.earthtreasurevase.org

Jonna Liv Dragstedt

Jonna Liv Dragstedt, singer and music teacher, meditation leader and devoted yogi since many years. She has been leading courses in the buddhist way in the north of Sweden and has had several mindfulness retreats in Lapland but nowadays she has her base in Stockholm. Jonna Liv leads Heartsinging and Heartdance in the Stockholm area, often combined with yoga. Her focus in life is to meet everything that arises with empathy and presence and she uses singing/music as a way to pass the mind and go straight into the heart. Vulnerability and power, resistance and softness, darkness and light; they’re all a part of life and can be allowed their space. That’s when the life energy flows freely, in the midst of all emotions, all states. And life becomes what it is meant to be: a divine play. Come and play! Come and sing! Come and be still. Come and let the connection deepen, to yourself and to All that Is.

Sw Anand Vigyan

In 1981 I went to se Bhagawan (later called Osho). in Pune India, that is where I got my name and since then my life has been guided by a rebellious spirit taking me to many teachers and many places. I have been a fool and wanderer of the crafts helping to build spiritual communities for years and live now in the forest with my beloved Savita, close to the course center Solhälla by lake Hällungen on the west coast of Sweden.Here i take part in a community intending to move into a sustainable and connected way of life.

I poured water inside the sweat lodge for the first time more than 25 years ago and over the years I have been facilitating workshops like men’s groups, vipasana, drum building, and different forms of therapy from the world of Osho. My passion now is the connection to earth and spirit and I facilitate the Dream weaver ceremony and other rituals.

I am looking forward to share my music and create magic with you.” Love and friendship Vigyan

Emma Andrea

With a background in the creative fields of photography and the visual arts she is known to always bring an artistic touch to everything she does. She is currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden where she’s been studying Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and Thai-yoga massage.

2005 Emma found Yoga and since then ever grateful and amazed to be on this transformational and healing journey. She took her first Yoga teacher training in New York city 2012. As a teacher herself, she encourages the life force energy to flow more freely, breaking up stagnation and blockages, so that one can feel freer and more creative. She teaches Hatha yoga the classical way including mantra singing, pranayama and meditation.

Tina Sinn

Tina will be offering private sessions in energetic bodywork called “Hangab”. The inversion position can be experienced completely free from holding anything. During a session, she gently helps to tune in and holds space for your journey to your own depth. Hangab can release muscular tension and blockages, so your energy can flow naturally again. It’s about letting go of old patterns, trauma and emotional burdens and leaving the baggage behind, which doesn’t belong to you any longer. Turning the roots to the sky and your crown towards the earth – who turns the world upside down for a while will perceive it with a total new awareness of life. Tina also on www.pazdeluz.com

Lotta How

Jag kommer hålla workshop i Frigörande Andning under festivalen, andningen kommer ge dig en fantastisk möjlighet att komma i kontakt med djupt begravda känslor. Känslor som i många fall styr oss och hindrar energin att flöda fritt såväl fysisk som mentalt. Frigörande Andning är en friskvårdsmetod snarare än terapi, terapin kommer så att säga på köpet. Jag har jobbat med människor de senaste 20 åren och har ett antal utbildningar inom personlig utveckling bla, Andningspedagog, Alkohol/Drogterapeut, Reiki Master, Access Bars, Learning Love mm. Just nu är min huvudsakliga sysselsättning mitt företag Nessagården där jag driver ett familjehem/stödboende för vuxna med beroendeproblematik. Jag välkomnar dig till kärleksfullt möte med dig själv i andningen. Love & Light Lotta

Elisabeth Finocchiaro

Rebirthing Breath Circle with Elisabeth Finocchiaro. Opening up and expanding and relaxing and letting go, it is all we need to do in life. Open up and let go. In this circle we will dive into the power within us that is activated by our breath! Elisabeth has been working along side Dan Brule, pioneer in breathwork and teaches clarity and holds breath circles in Bergen, Norway. This circle is focused on heart opening to connect in deeper ways and remember who we really are.

Manereia Hanuman Sol

Manereia is a Bhakti yogi and a mystic who channels down strong energies of love from the Universe that transform both him and his environment. Manereia loves to sit in front of an altar singing mantras or meditate. The nature is his best altar. When Manereia does not work as an engineer, he is often out camping in the wilderness or inspires others by performing different spiritual exercises. At Space of Love, Manereia will lead some different activities from his repertoire such as; puja, meditation, mantra singing, energy exercises or healing. More about Manereia and his project at; www.projektsol.se


Flow is a music and poetry commune. Tove Folkesson, Emma Linnros, Erica Bjuremark, Samuel Lundström and Clara Andermo will visit Öland and gift us with their beautiful and artistic interpretation of the present moment. They are all musicians and will give us a concert which weaves together music, poetry and improvisation in a playful and unique manner. FLOW will even offer workshops in music/song/poetry in which improvisation is an important tool used to create together and experience the FLOW that we all have the possibility to discover. www.tovebetyderduva.blogspot.com www.myspace.com/ericabjuremark www.myspace.com/mirem