Teachers and Musicians

Festival Dates: May 31 – June 9

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Akasha Skaldeman (May 31-June 9)

Akasha, the overall facilitator of the festival, was born and raised in California. She has been the organizer of the festival since 2005 and finds a great joy and purpose in this co-creation. She came originally to the festival as a belly dance teacher and a later as a facilitator of the Dances of Universal Peace. She would love to take the opportunity to share the circle dances from this deeply rich and now international tradition.

Jahanavi Schriefer (May 31-June 9)

Jahanavi has a background in corporate communication, change management and embodied leadership, and works with facilitating groups and coaching individuals. She is a life-long student of awakening to the heart. Jahanavi loves to facilitate a transformative space and to offer tools for increased wellbeing and quality of life. This year, she is one of the Space of Love Festival organizers.  She is responsible for the festival’s social media and communications. At the festival, she will co-facilitate the space and offer workshops on gratitude, self-compassion, vulnerability, and trust. She says, “I look forward to co-create a fun, loving, deeply transformative and abundant festival that nourishes everyone’s heart’s desires. I look forward to meeting you there – warmly welcome!”

Gayatri Schriefer (May 31-June 9)

Gayatri is a teacher of Somatic Education and has spent her adult life studying and practicing embodied movement, including Hanna Somatics, the Feldenkrais Method, Body Mind Centering, and several styles of yoga. Gayatri is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator and a core teacher at Living Somatics and The Ingle Institute for Somatic Education. She teaches workshops and professional trainings internationally.

At the festival Gayatri will share her love for Somatics, which is an awareness-based system of slow movements and a neuromuscular re-education. Gayatri is a co-organizer of this year’s Space of Love Festival and is responsible for the festival volunteers and participant bookings. “It is with great joy that I return to the festival and am looking forward to sharing these precious 10 days together!”

Elin Ljuset Scott (May 31-June 9)

Elin is a dedicated children’s yogi responsible for the activities for the children and teenagers at the festival. She has many years of experience working with youth’s development supporting them towards a life in harmony. Elin is a certified sama-, yin- and kids yoga teacher and has a master in pedagogics. Within the Swedish Church Elin offers yoga, meditation and life coaching circles for young women and is in charge of kids’ choirs and creative activities. At Space of Love, she offers activities for the children at the festival ages 4-12. Some of the activities she offers are yoga, games, forest and beach activities, storytelling, singing, dancing, acrobatics, sweat lodge for kids, crafts, drawing and more. As one of the co-creators of the festival she welcomes everyone to the festival -especially the children!

Sky Akasha Tobias (June 3-9)

“What a wonderful journey yoga has provided!” It’s been 29 years of keeping the practices alive in my life, learning about the inner journey and understanding the whole. In the early days I tried every style I could find, fast and slow, athletic and still, eventually it led to Sama Yoga, free from extremes and with balance in all aspects of life. This is what I teach and what I live. Marriage and having a child have only enhanced my devotion for yoga and receiving gracefully all that is. Teaching Sama Yoga is always an honour and a blessing.

Sanna Akasha Tobias (June 3-9)

My life is devoted to studying Yogic/vedic wisdom and integrating it into every aspect of my life. How to find complete peace and freedom and to keep the teaching tradition of Vedanta alive. For the last 10 years I have the immense privilege to spend 8 months of the year living with and having daily classes my teachers Swamiji and Radha. I will share some of the knowledge and tools that have been most crucial in my own healing and journey towards Moksha – freedom. At the festival I will offer classes in:
– Trust, seen from a Yogic perspective and integrated with psychology
– Healing the inner child and unconscious
– Yogic Wisdom for healthy relating
– Yogic/Universal Values – crucial for inner peace

Roland Nahringbauer (June 3-9)

During the festival Roland leads Aquarian Sadhana on the beach at sunrise, yoga classes and breathwalk. He is an internationally certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and teacher trainer. Roland has been a Yogi full-time since 2004. He teaches Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and wants to spread the well-being and development on all levels that it can provide. Kundalini Yoga strengthens the nervous and glandular systems, increases flexibility and facilitates emotional transformation. It balances the body and the chakra system, calms and focuses the mind and gets you in touch with your soul. Roland was born and raised in Uppsala, now living in Skokloster. He runs Yogi On The Road www.yogiontheroad.se and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Uppsala.

Astrid Brinck (June 3-9)

Astrid Brinck is a contemporary teacher and integrative therapist from Chile. Her work blends the traditional and non-traditional perspectives for the thriving of human relationships and self-mastery. She is a global leader, a cultural bridge, mother and grandmother. She is the founder of Inner Freedom Institute, the Conscious Leadership Training, the Inner Freedom System, Free Bonding with Horses and the Surrender Quest. She is a Guardian and forever apprentice of native traditions as well as a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, singer and writer. Currently she works in various regions of the world with students from over twenty different countries. She also supports, as a volunteer various social and evolutionary activism projects.

Alon Ritter (June 3-9)

Alon is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner as well as a contact-improvisation, tango and voice & movement improvisation teacher. His unique methods and approach to movement and therapy have allowed him to travel around the world, leading workshops, private lessons and regular classes, at bespoken events and festivals. In addition, Alon is an “Ecstatic Eating” chef, teaching workshops and cooking food in boutique events. “Ecstatic Eating” is an artistic and primal process of using cooking and eating as a way to express passion, sensuality, creativity and playfulness. Alon is born in Jerusalem, Israel but lives and teaches internationally. For more info see www.alonritter.com.

Sharada (May 31-June 7)

Sharada has lived the last 10 years in Ubud, Bali and India. She has been studying, teaching and living in a spiritual community under the guidance of her revered teachers who have taught her Vedanta, Sanskrit, Vedic Chanting, Meditation, Puja (Vedic Ritual) as well as Jungian Psychology and Inner Child Meditation. In 2014 She had the privilege to study with Shree Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati during a 3.5 years residential course in India, Vedanta and Sanskrit.

Sharada holds workshops in Bhakti – Ritualizing ones life, Women’s Devi Circle, Vedanta, Guided Meditation & Satsang. For more information see: www.underthebanyantree.info

Emma Stålvik (May 31-June 3)

Emma is here to inspire you to explore yourself with the dynamic and soulful movements of Nia. It is an invitation to connect to the beautiful, diverse expressions of you. To explore your body, senses, joy, power and playfulness. The feeling of being alive, present and free.

Emma is the co-owner of Nia Movement Center in Gothenburg. She has been working with movement and personal development in different formats for about twenty years. Emma teaches regular Nia and Yoga classes in her studio and also shares her work through retreats and workshops. During the festival you are welcome to Nia with Emma. Nia is a movement form and lifestyle practice inspired by dance, martial arts and healing arts. It´s an invitation to connect to your body and self, through music and movement while listening to your body, seeking joy and pleasure.

Ben Bushill (May 31 -June 6)

Ben is a mystic, poet, and circle leader. His passion in this life is the deep remembrance of our place here as free beings upon the earth connected and integrated with a miraculous planetary system. During the last 25 years he has traveled deeply with many different traditions from Qi gong and classical theology to the teachings of the ancient mystery schools.

At the festival Ben will be teaching ‘Living Movement’, a fusion of Qi Gong, free movement and the recognition of the deep friendship between all things. He will also be performing spoken word as part of a concert together with his wife Kenia.

Kenia Ytterman (May 31 May-June 6)

During the festival Kenia will hold Voice journey workshops and share her music. Since discovering gibberish at Findhorn Community in 1998, Kenia has been passionate about the voice as a tool of self-exploration. Inspired early on by teachers such as Pratibha Stoppani, Jill Purce and Danny Becher she developed her own unique style and method of teaching, singing and songwriting. She has studied drama pedagogic at HiG and Voice as a tool at SMI and works as a full-time arts and drama teacher. With a clear and honest voice Kenia delivers heartfelt lyrics and strong melodies. Together with Ben Bushill she will hold a concert at the festival, where they will share heartfelt songs and profound poetry.

Conny Andersson (May 31-June 3)

Conny teaches skills of the ancient native American tracker and awareness with a modern personal perspective. Philosophy, methodology and tracking technic is about what and how you see, hear and feels with all your senses, through asking questions and making conscious decisions. Strengthening the connection with your body as it was meant to be used; to play and be curious to all life events.

Conny started to investigate the world for the truth with his sharp senses at the age of 4. He continued and enhanced his search methods during his 20 years of police work in a variety of  encounters, crime scenes, dangerous situations, interviews and care of victims as well as crime prevention for safety and security. Since 2010 Conny has run Tracker School Sweden full time, where he trains people to track consciously in life.

Cesilia Ekroth (May 31-June 9)

Cesilia is the creator of the transformative books “This Creative Existence – Unfolding a new conscious world” and “Dreamstate – Where you bring forth your being”. Through the arts she weaves our senses into inner travels. She connects the eye of the artist and the language of the poet to crawl behind the three-dimensional image of the world, into transformation.

To the Space of Love Festival, she brings her crystal singing bowls, her drum and her voice in overtones. Her guided meditations take you into your own divinity and your ability to create your life in resonance with the Cosmic flow.

Jeannie Mckenzie (June 4-9)

Jennie is the land steward of a cooperative urban farm and informal spiritual center in the hills of Oakland California. She has practiced yoga, chi gung, massage, and sound healing for over 30 years, and performs and teaches music and mime. Since 2013 Jeannie has been studying Desda Zuckerman’s mapping of the Energy Body, or “Sacred Anatomy”.  Jeannie became a practitioner and teacher of this work and uses it to access and interact with the plant and animal worlds. She has been sharing this new body of  knowledge at Permaculture and Herbalist gatherings, and looks forward to new collaborations at the Space of Love festival!

Paula Nygren (June 4-9)

Paula is a tantrica, a passionate sexsibility coach, tantric masseur and experienced tantra teacher. She loves to inspire people to invite more lust and love into their lives. Paula is much appreciated for her joyful way of creating a loving, safe and open space to relax and grow in, both in sessions and in workshops. She wants to inspire you to be in contact with your heart and body, to increase your lust and communicate more lovingly. Paula lives in the countryside outside Varberg with her husband Henrik Bengtsson and their three children. At the festival she will teach workshops together with Henrik: Tantric touch and Tantric magical meetings. Paula will also share her workshop Women Rising – Tantra for Women.

David Styles (June 2-9)

David is a Heart Connection coach from Australia. After a burnout in the corporate world he immersed himself in nature for a year to recover. During this solo-time he reconnected to a much deeper place within himself which was just waiting for him to return to. David feels reconnecting to this place within is everyone’s birthright. He shares simple yet practical techniques to return to the trust of the heart and to realign by living from your heart in the world. You can find out more on his website and access the free ”Head to Heart” report at www.davidstyles.com.

Towe Patricia Celest (June 2-9)

Towe Patricia is a women´s empowerment coach, Yoni mapping therapist, drama teacher, and performance artist. She is passionate about supporting women to get in touch with their inner love-force, and unique gifts. Towe uses playfulness, self-empowering exercises, and the nourishing sisterhood as a tool in collaboration with the unlimited wisdom of the body and the heart. She has walked the path from a shy personality to a woman that dares to take her space in the world. Towe is a much appreciated workshop facilitator at Space of Love – get inspired on her webpage and get access to a special gift www.patriciacelest.com.

Malini Odenhall (May 31-June 2)

Malini is a physiotherapist and leads workshops in free, expressive dance. She uses free dance and movement as a way to connect with body and soul, extract life energy, joy and presence. She creates a room for your own dance and rhythm and space to explore how to follow the inner movement and longing of the body. All is welcomed, as it is and can be used in the dance as an expression of the moment. At the Space of Love festival Malini will be offering workshops in free dance and being the DJ at an evening dance event.

Rob Allen

Rob Allen is a comedian, storyteller and Master of Ceremonies from London. He has performed at festivals and comedy clubs throughout Europe. His most recent show (“It’s not EU, it’s me” – Babies, Breakups and Brexit) premiered to a sold-out audience at the Lund Comedy Festival 2018. At Space of Love, Rob will be performing an evening of comedy and offer a workshop in comedy and storytelling. Rob lives in Sweden with his wife, son and Google translate.

Lotta How (June 3-9)

At the festival Lotta offers workshops in conscious connected breathing, also called rebirthing. Breath work is a wonderful platform to connect to hidden emotions that hinder our energy to flow freely both physically and mentally. Rebirthing is a way to promote the health in the system and the therapeutic effects are a bonus as you do the practice. Lotta is a trained facilitator in Rebirthing, Access bar, Learning Love, a reiki master and a alcohol and drug therapist. She has worked with people for 20 years and is currently focusing on her company Nessagården where she runs a family home facility for adults with addictions. Lotta welcomes you to lovingly meet yourself in the breathing.

Leigh Evans (June 5-9)

Leigh Evans is a yoga teacher and sound artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Leigh is a go-to resource for Ayurveda Yoga and seasonal attunement practices which harmonize our inner rhythms with the energetic movements of each season. It is a holistic approach to asana practice, diet, and lifestyle which nurtures our interconnectedness with nature. Each Seasonal Yoga Practice is attuned to particular elements of each season in accordance with the Chinese Five Element Theory, meridians, and the seasonal dosha in resonance with the principles of Ayurveda. Leigh is looking forward to sharing the Summer attunement practices with you at the festival! She teaches retreats, workshops, festivals and teacher trainings internationally. For more information on Leigh, visit www.leighevansyoga.com.

Tim Jago (May 31-June 9)

Tim is a lodge leader, a poet, a storyteller and a gardener. He loves spending time in the forest and sitting around a fire with friends. Tim has been holding Celtic sweat lodge ceremonies in Scandinavia for more than twenty years. On his journey he has trained with sufis, kundalini yoga teachers and been a student of the Living School of Mystery with Derk Loeks. At the festival Tim will be leading three Celtic sweat lodges and two workshops in Forest tantra, a way to rediscover intimacy with nature. The lodges are open from the age of 14, or younger together with a responsible adult. For more about Tim or the lodges see www.celticlodges.com.

Dana and Mariel (May 31-June 6)

Dana and Mariel will be leading Heart Dance. Let your heart be opened by the simple yet powerful songs and movements we do together in the circle. Meeting each other in this sacred space, the masks fall away and presence is revealed. Warm, slow and intimate or energetic playful celebration, Mariel and Dana support you in letting go and opening to your true self.

Mariel is a Psychosynthesis therapist and Liberating dance teacher with many years of experience leading groups and individuals in realizing their true nature through movement, song and meditation.

Igor Dzeba (June 6-9)

Igor is a certified breath worker, gong master, body worker and facilitator for personal transformation. He combines movement, sound and breath to invite natural expansion, re-calibration of self and accessing more of who we truly are. Igor offers active aa well as still meditations, individual coaching and men’s groups. Igor has spent many years inquiring into self-development, movement, sound and tantra which has led him to develop his own program in Character Development. He also draws on a substantial career in business leadership, with a Master of management of technology and business administration. Igor is a yogi and a passionate tango dancer. He is a Croatian national living in Sweden. At the Space of Love festival Igor will offer workshops in sound and in breathwork.

Linnéa (May 31-June 9)

Linnéa had been practicing dance for more than 25 years, in the form of traditional classes in which one ycopies and imitates a leader. She had tried most styles, from Greek folk dance to hiphop. She started longing for something more, something deeper in the dance, something other than memorizing choreographies, trying to get it right and trying to look like somebody else.

In 2011 an article appeared in Friskispressen that was about Misty Tripoli and her class The Groove. Different styles of music are mixed so that the span of movement is wide and varied. The Groove is an experience more than a dance class, you don’t know how it feels until you’ve tried. You are warmly invited to this class where you get to express your own unique style and personality, on a dance floor steaming with creativity, depth and joy.

Magnus Bengtsson (June 1-5)

At the festival Magnus invites children, youth and adults to his circus school. He is an appreciated circus artist and has many years of experience working with children and youth. Magnus teaches the art with much joy and inspiration and with the attitude that there is something for everyone to learn. He is from Falkenberg and founded Magnus Circus School in year 2005. In his school you will learn the fundamental techniques of juggling will balls, rings, devil sticks, diablo, stilts, line dance, acrobatics and clownery. “In circus everyone finds their thing!”, Magnus says. At the end of the Circus school a circus performance will be held for the participants that whish to part take.
For more on Magnus, please see the video “Magnus cirkusskola”.

Tove and Anneli (May 31-June 9)

Tove and Anneli will offer Aquarian Sadhana on the beach during the festival. They met each other at a Kundalini yoga teacher training in Stockholm and had an instant connection. They have a common passion for Aquarian Sadhana, which is the magical morning time in Kundalini yoga. This is the time where the veils between worlds are at their thinnest providing an opportunity to connect with our true essence. Together at dawn, as the sun rises over the ocean, we read Japji Sahib – the song of the soul. This is followed by yoga practice and ends with singing seven mantra meditations. Anneli lives in Kalmar and Tove lives outside of Oskarshamn.

Rebecka Magnusson (May 31-June 6/7)

Rebecka has practiced, studied and taught yoga for the past 10 years. Her yoga journey began in the ashtanga yoga tradition but over the years she has spread her wings and now she primarily teaches vinyasa, yin and therapeutic yoga. Rebecka also works as a masseur and ayurveda therapist and organizes yoga retreats around the world. At the festival she will offer vinyasa, yin and an inversion workshop. She will also bring a massage table if you want to book a treatment.

Ahmad Matar

Ahmad Matar is a 22 year old Palestinian from Gaza. He is one of the Parkour Athletes who brought the Parkour sport to Palestine. He began with the sport on his own as a 10 year-old on the streets of his town. His dream was to be able to leave Gaza in order to join competitions in other parts of the world. In November 2016 his dream was manifested when he was invited to Sweden, expenses paid, and he managed to get out of Gaza. He has been coaching parkour for 5 years for different age groups and has done many workshops in Gaza and Sweden. At the moment he is teaching two parkour groups in Stenungsund. In the space of love festival he will be teaching parkour daily for everyone who would like to learn. He teaches the basic skills as well as parkour games so it will be fun for all. An advanced class may also be offered if there is interest.

Olena Bespalenko (May 31-June 9)

Olena will teach workshops in voice awareness and voice management at the festival. Being born in a family of a musician in Ukraine, her dominant childhood dream was to become a singer. Aliona plays the guitar, composes and performs songs, which are a success at festivals and music competitions. She is a professional translator and graduated as a language teacher in English and German at the university. Aliona is a graduate at the Ingle Institute for Somatic Education and has created her own Somatic Voice techniques. She is a Voice Awareness coach and offers her effective and fun techniques to improve voice for singing and speech.

Manereia Hanuman (June 4-9)

Manereia is a Bhakti yogi and a mystic who channels strong energies of love from the Universe that transform both him and his environment. Manereia loves to sit in front of an altar singing mantras or meditating. Nature is his best altar. When Manereia does not work as an engineer, he is often out camping in the wilderness or inspiring others by performing different spiritual exercises. At Space of Love, Manereia will lead some different activities from his repertoire such as; puja, meditation, mantra singing, energy exercises or healing. More about Manereia and his project at www.projektsol.se.

Lisa Isha Förander (May 31- June 2)

Lisa is a yoga and meditation teacher teaching classic yoga,  Satyananda yoga, ayurvedic health and mindfulness. She is teaching regularly at Centralbadet in Stockholm. At the festival Lisa will hold a classic yoga class and a workshop in Ayurveda. The yoga class will inspire you bring five asanas to  into your everyday life. Lisa’s intention is to offer peaceful yet powerful yoga at a subtle level, influenced by mindfulness and Ayurveda. The class will end with nourishing yoga nidra. In the ayurvedic workshop you will be able to determine your dosha with simple and playful practices. (This workshop will be held in Swedish.) For more information about Lisa see www.peacefulbeing.se and Peaceful Being on Facebook.

Joseph Wallin (May 31-June 4)

Joseph has been passionate about drumming for more than half of his life. For a long time, he would join different bands and play his love of music on stage. The last two years he has paused most of his performances to dive deeper into spiritualizing his relationship with Music. He has the understanding that all of us have the capacity to express ourselves through rhythms, just as everyone can learn how to speak, Joseph is now traveling around the world to facilitate Community Drum Circles and share his passion for rhythm.

Jenny Ammilon (May 31-June 9)

The YogaMonks classes Jenny will be sharing is a unique fascia based form of hatha vinyasa yoga, where you will be moving with softness and grace into greater spinal freedom and connection to the earth. It is a no sweat, full-body workout that leaves you open, relaxed and present. Welcome to explore beingness through the body and to move into stillness. Jenny has completed a three-year teacher training and has for many years a regular Sadhana within the YogaMonks method. Furthermore Jenny has extensive training in various movement, dance and bodywork traditions such as Yoga Somatics, Nia-five stages, Swing dancing, Yoga Massage and Somatic Education. She has been running her own studio “Himmel och Jord” in Varberg since 2008 and has been organizing the festival “YogaVarberg” with several hundred participants each year. For more information about Jenny see www.himmelochjord.com.

Stina, Louise and Alexandra (June 5-8)

We invite you to a oneness ceremony to strengthen the healing power within you. Together we create an allowing space for singing, mindful movement and blessings. Our desire is to invite more people to the community we found when we met. We come from different backgrounds but found each other in the longing for more magic in this world. In order to experience all the magic in this world, we need to choose to live our greatest lives. By creating a space where all emotions are allowed to exist, we can get in touch with of our own consciousness, truth and choose to expand our lives based on this experience. We work with tools for expansion based on yoga philosophy, the doctrine of energy awareness, emotional management, nature medicine and five element theory.

Tina Sinn (May 31-June 9)

At the festival Tina will hold a Cacao Ceremony. Cacao is a very gentle healing plant from South and Central America. During the ceremony the plant spirits or “devas” are invited to open our hearts and to allow us to dive deeply into our true self. Light Qigong, guided meditation, mantras and prayers will lead us on our journey as we celebrate the magic of pure love energy.

Tina also offers Hangab at Space of Love. Hangab is individual inversion shamanic bodywork where you are pulled up by your feet very slowly and gradually. You are gently moved into stretching and asana like positions, releasing muscular tension, resetting the energetic system and often experiencing a sensation of floating in space.

Eva and Arvid – Mamma Dunder Band (May 31-June 9)

Eva and Arvid have been active musicians and participants the latest years on Space of Love. They work passionately full-time with the music and personal development in different projects. Through the healing powers of the music and the creativity they want to change the world to a world full of love, happiness and presence and inspire people to believe in their inner power, follow their dreams and listen to the voice of the heart. They inspire us to connect through songs, dances and games during the morning gathering circles. They will also arrange other activities during the festival such as Open Stage, beach nights and spontaneous jam and games. Their band Mamma Dunder will also come and give a magical powerful concert night! More info and music: www.mammadunder.nu.

Hanzano Lidbrink (May 31-June 9)

I teach dynamic Hatha yoga which makes you warm, strong, supple, calm and good-looking. Everyone can join. I call my yoga ”Zoulyoga” with a foundation of dynamic Hatha yoga mixed with yin yoga, bikram yoga and other things I like. My classes can be quite playful and fun. I like when yoga is unpretentious but I also don’t want to detract from the depth that yoga offers.  I have taught yoga at Hellasgården in Stockholm for many years. I have a Yoga studio on Utö where I teach  yoga classes daily during the summer.

Space of Love is a re-occurring event in my summer and I will return for the 16th time to the festival. At the festival I will also play music as a bass player. As a musician I love to play all types of music and enjoy playing in all kinds of collaborations.

Jonna Liv Dragstedt (June 5-9)

At the festival Jonna Liv will be sharing her music, mantra songs, heart dance and meditations from the Kundalini yoga tradition. She is a singer, musician and yoga teacher. She has been actively working with emotional expansion/healing for the last 16 years through methods such as the 12-step program, The Work, Buddhism and physical touch exercises. Jonna Liv uses voice, movement and music as means to become present in the heart and to open to self-love. During the festival she will hold ”Heartdance and voice exploration,” an intimate and devotional meeting with your own heart and others, where the participants get to explore their voice and use singing and dancing both as meditation and expressions of joy (Bhakti).

Aleider and Nathalie (June 4-9)

We will share Heart Chanting which is a ceremonial singing circle where we invite you to sing, collaborate and receive the medicine of music. We gather our material from a wide spectrum of different cultures, from heart songs, mantra, and medicine songs tas well as Aleider’s own creations. At the festival we will also share a meditation with you, taking you on a deeply relaxing music journey with crystal bowls, drums, kora and charango.

Aleider will offer a workshop in throat singing and voice recognition, in which you will receive tools to get in touch with your voice, vibration and the world of overtones. Nathalie will give a soft yoga class with focus on releasing performance and getting into the body. With the support of Aleider’s music you will be guided into your heart. Warmly welcome!

Mattias Sundman (May 31-June 9)

Mattias will be offering daily Lunch-Gong at the festival. He is an educated Gong Master and MEM Gong-Yoga teacher and runs his own company  called “Feel the Vibes – Gong, Yoga & Meditation”. Mattias was inspired by Shervin Boloorian on the healing power of sound which led him to begin his sound-journey by playing Gong.

The sound of the Gong stills the mind, with the effect that you may experience a state between sleep and awakeness. The vibrations, which go deep into the body, help the body’s self-healing ability to dissolve tension and stress. After a Gong Session you often feel relaxed and can approach life with renewed energy! Read more about Mattias: www.feelthevibes.se and FB-Gong-group in Stockholm: Gongavslappning i Stockholm.

Beatrice Nilsson “Tigresdevi” (June 2-9)

Beatrice is a certified World Peace Gong-player by Gong Academy and has actively played gong for over 7 years. She is looking forward to playing the Gongs for the entire Space of Love. She worked in the healthcare industry since 1981 primarily with various massage treatments. Since then continued with courses in various wellness techniques such as Qi Gong, various yoga traditions, and gong education for, among others, Don Conreaux, Methab Benton, Jens Zyger, Tom Soltron, Abbey delSol, Gongmuse Mojca. “I think it is so inspiring to create experiences with healing vibrations and sounds. It is really for everyone! Vibrations take you on a journey into your inner true self and outside yourself, balancing what is needed at the moment.”
BeasGongYoga on Facebook

Sw Anand Vigyan (May 31-June 9)

In 1981, I went to se Bhagawan (later called Osho) in Pune India. Since then my life has been guided by a rebellious spirit taking me to many teachers and many places. I have been helping to build spiritual communities for years and live now in the forest with my beloved Savita, close to the course center Solhälla on the west coast of Sweden.

I poured water inside the sweat lodge for the first time more than 25 years ago and over the years I have been facilitating workshops like men’s groups, vipassana, drum building, and different forms of therapy from the world of Osho. My passion now is the connection to earth and spirit and I facilitate the Dream Weaver Ceremony and other rituals.

Mouschka Shanta Drouzy

Her passion is to help people listen to their deeper voice and trust that voice in order to stand in their power. As an entrepreneur, Mouschka is learning by doing and dares to jump into the new. She advocates total honesty as a means of loving oneself and honoring another’s power. The space she creates is both serious and humoristic. At the festival, she will guide a drum journey ceremony. When she drums, she uses her knowledge of Reiki and lets the drum and its spirits be the guide. She also gives drum-coaching sessions that include finding hidden limiting beliefs, working with the emotions hidden in the body and implementing transformative energy work through visualization.

Sat Sisters (June 4-9)

With the embodiment of true sisterhood, the Sat Sisters share soulful music through sanskrit and kundalini yoga mantras as well as their own written material. Since their debut in the summer of 2017, the band has played at different yoga events, retreats and festivals such as Ängsbacka yoga festival. As the band name implies, ”Sat” means Truth, the Sat Sister’s mission is to spread and awaken the truth that cannot be spoken or described, but only directly felt and expressed. The band consists of Lotta Andersson (djembe, vocals), Leona Frantzich, (violin, vocals), Emma Sund, (harmonium, tampura, vocals) and Hanna Wretmark, (bouzouki, guitar, vocals). During the festival, the Sat Sisters will offer a heart opening merge of concert and singing bhajans together, sharing a mixture of well known mantras as well as their own written songs.
Sat Sisters on Facebook