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Space of love festival 2018


Sky was originally trained in the Sivananda and Kundalini Yoga traditions , Sky draws from a broad range of traditional yogic wisdom. He has been a devoted student of Yoga, Ayurveda, healing and meditation for over 15 years and has been blessed with the opportunity to live and study with many great teachers in different traditions. He currently teaches in Canada, Sweden, Bali and Thailand where he invites students of all backgrounds to develop a deeper sensitivity to their bodies and minds while opening up to their greater potential.As a teacher and world traveler, he has introduced thousands to the practice and philosophy of yoga as a way of life.As well as the mainstream postures Chanting, hand mudras, Pranayama and verses from the yoga sutras and Vedas to provide a more complete class. www.samayoga.info



Known from the Swedish TV4 success show, ”Life on the other side,” is one of Sweden’s most active spiritual teachers right now. Zoë is constantly developing new work shops and modalities. She has developed the unique concept Be an attractive MagnetTM and Nordic Light Healing. In addition to the popular workshops, Zoë is also a healer and do private sessions, where she helps people to get in touch with their star families, the other side and their life purpose. Thousands of people have taken part of her DNA activations and her crystal The Golden Frequency; The crystal that is programmed with 5-dimensional Christ Light to support the carrier in keeping their light steady, both for their own sake and for the ascension of the Earth, the increased collective consciousness. She developed this so that all light workers can connect with each other in an energetic network to keep the light. She also has classes where she helps light workers start their own businesses. Zoë does workshops both in Sweden and abroad, at festivals, company events and to individuals. Everything Zoë does involves love energy, it’s what makes her meditations remain in your consciousness long after you meet her. Zoë works on a higher vibration than most spiritual teachers, that is what makes her a unique experience. At the festival Zoë will give the following workshops: DNA activations and the Ascension, Crystals magical wisdom from Atlantis, Be an Attractive Magnet – Your soul’s Super Power, Meet your Spirit Guide – guidance in the new era and Dance Your Superpower.  www.zoeland.se


Leigh Evans

Leigh is a yoga teacher based in Brooklyn, New York. Passionate yogini and explorer, Leigh is a go-to resource for Ayurvedic Yoga, seasonal wellness practices, sleep yoga, and women’s yoga practices. With 20 years of experience teaching creative, alignment based vinyasa yoga classes, Leigh’s seasoned approach can transform any student who craves insight on the body and the human experience. From the study of Yoga and Ayurveda in India to Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Leigh’s breadth of knowledge gives her the tools to teach practical applications that can change students’ everyday lives. Through an integration of vinyasa yang and restorative yin practice, Leigh’s classes enhance the flow of prana in the body by nourishing specific energy channels and organs offering healing and transformation. Leigh teaches retreats, teacher trainings, and workshops nationally and internationally. For more info on Leigh, visit www.leighevansyoga.com

Ahmad Matar (June 1-10)

Ahmad Matar is a 21 year old Palestinian from Gaza. He is one of the Parkour Athletes who brought the Parkour sport to Palestine. He began with the sport on his own as a 10 year-old on the streets of his town. His dream was to be able to leave Gaza in order to join competitions in other parts of the world. In November 2016 his dream was manifested when he was invited to Sweden, expenses paid, and he managed to get out of Gaza. He has been coaching parkour for 5 years for different age groups and has done many workshops in Gaza and Sweden. At the moment he is teaching two parkour groups in Stenungsund. In the space of love festival he will be teaching parkour daily for everyone who would like to learn. We will learn basic skills as well as parkour games so it will be fun for all. An advanced class may also be offered if there is interest.

Roland Nahringbauer (June 1-10)

Roland is a kundalini yoga teacher and leads Sadhana on the beach, yoga classes and breathwalks. To do Sadhana at sunrise has been top priority for him every festival since 2004. The yoga set followed by heart opening mantra meditations, at the time of day when we are most open to the effects, leaves no one untouched. It’s one of the best thing you can do to be in harmony with the shift in consciousness that humanity is facing right now. With his base in the Swedish city of Uppsala Roland teaches and studies Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, full time since 2004. He offers yoga courses, workshops, private sessions and Teacher Trainings. For more info about kundaliniyoga and Roland see www.yogiontheroad.se och www.kundaliniyoga.nu

Wen Dai (June 2-3)

Wen Dai teaches rocket and vinyasa flow yoga in London, drawing from her background as a former professional dancer to integrate creative and fluid transitions into her practice. Expect a dynamic class with modifications for those who prefer a more relaxed flow. The emphasis is on maintaining a calm and steady breath and gaining clarity of mind as well as strength in body from the asana.

Mamma Dunder Band (June 1-10)

Eva and Arvid have been active musicians and participants the latest years on Space of Love. They work passionately full-time with the music and personal development in different projects. Through the healing powers of the music and the creativity they want to change the world to a world full of love, happiness and presence and inspire people to belive in their inner power and follow their dreams and listen to the voice of the heart. They will make us connect through songs, dances and games during the morning gathering circles. They will also arrange other activities during the festival such as Open Stage, beach nights and spontaneous jam and games. Their band Mamma Dunder will also come and give a magical powerful concert night!

Mamma Dunder

You want to experience Mamma Dunder live! Dance, listen, sing along and be uplifted and filled with love, inspiration and happiness from this groovy, powerful love-world-folk-reggae- music. With lyrics and music about freedom, peace and change you will experience a magical musical journey where everything is possible! More info and music: www.mammadunder.nu

Sara and Stephan (June 2-6)

Sara has been dancing everything from ballet to African dance since the age of 14 , and at 20 salsa came into her life. Today she has a particular interest in tango fusion and contact dance that involves mixing couple dance steps with improvisation to varied music. She has a solid experience in holding workshops in communication and awareness of the body and also work with yoga and body therapy.<p\>

Stephane is a popular partner on the dance floor who constantly improvises and creates, inspired by the music. With roots in salsa and cha-cha, Stéphane easily mixes different styles and is influenced by tango, blues, west coast swing, and more. In addition to dancing, Stéphane is a devoted practitioner of Tai Chi and Kung Fu giving him extra inspiration in dance and life.<p\>

At the festival they will offer workshops which include contact improvisation and energy transfer in couple dancing. They bring inspiration from yoga and body therapy for posture and weight transfer. The music is inspired from various sources and means a lot to dance, creating a profound experience.

Aline (June 1-10)

Aline has practiced (Hatha-) yoga for 20 years, and Acroyoga since 2013. She is a Yoga-Vidya trained Hatha Yoga teacher in the tradition of Swami Shivananda and a Partneracrobatics-Teacher.

As a “Traveling Yogini” she travels to festivals, retreats and yoga studios across Europe with her workshops. With her broad knowledge of anatomy and her teaching experiences everyone no matter which age, body constitution or skills is in best hands. The focus of the lessons is a relaxed practice, which leads quickly to small and large moments of success. Acro Yoga is a playful form of yoga combining the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics and the healing power of Thai massage. Acro Yoga helps you to feel connected with yourself and your body, to surrender confidentially through the dynamic flow of asanas and experience the feeling of lightness on the fly. Through the partner exercises Acro Yoga is always a community experience that cultivates trust, connection and playfulness and brings a lot of fun. There will be different workshops for beginner and advanced level and a flying thai massage, combining thai massage and AcroYoga.

Rebecka Magnusson (June 3rd-10th)

Aline has practiced (Hatha-) yoga for 20 years, and Acroyoga since 2013. She is a Yoga-Vidya trained Hatha Yoga teacher in the tradition of Swami Shivananda and a Partneracrobatics-Teacher.

Rebecka has practiced, studied and taught yoga for the past 10 years. Her yoga journey began in the ashtanga yoga tradition but over the years she has spread her wings and now she’s primarily teach vinyasa, yin and therapeutic yoga. Rebecka also works as a masseur and ayurveda therapist and organizes yoga retreat around the world. At the festival she will offer vinyasa, yin and an inversion workshop. She also bring the massage table if you want to book a treatment www.livochlotus.se

Tina Sinn (June 1-10))

Tina will be offering workshops in light energetics and Yoga Nidra as well as private sessions in energetic bodywork called “Hangab”. The inversion position can be experienced completely free from holding anything. During a session, she gently helps to tune in and holds space for your journey to your own depth. Hangab can release muscular tension and blockages, so your energy can flow naturally again. It’s about letting go of old patterns, trauma and emotional burdens and leaving the baggage behind, which doesn’t belong to you any longer. Turning the roots to the sky and your crown towards the earth – who turns the world upside down for a while will perceive it with a total new awareness of life. Tina also on www.pazdeluz.com

Kelley Springer – Butterfly Woman (2-7 June)

Kelley is a spiritual counselor, universal intuitive healer, musician, artist, and storyteller. She has offered transformation through processes and ceremony for more than 25 years. Kelley is the founder of Love Wisdom Power – Paths to Wholeness. She is currently based in Ashland, Oregon in the USA and offers her work internationally. Kelley shares tools that help you maintain a clear field and teaches you how to stay in a deeper place of self-awareness throughout life. She is an intuitive harper and her harp music and vocal accompaniment is inspired by the angelic realms and connected to higher families of light that she has been in communication with since the age of four. Kelley was initiated by her three elder teachers as a medicine woman in 1994. She has inherited a unique medicine wheel and is the linage-carrier of this teaching. Kelley also specializes in deep communication with the Earth’s three kingdoms: minerals, plants and animals. She was initiated to the Ocean Mother by her only still living teacher Sal Navarro. Kelley’s life’s work is about bringing forth the Trinity of the heart – love, wisdom, power – and to inspire others to find their own purpose and meaning in life.

At the festival, Kelley will offer Ocean Mother Journey Meditation, Women’s Sacred Circle, ceremony, storytelling, and more. She will also be available for private sessions. www.lovewisdompower.com

Jesper Lundqvist

Jesper is a kundalini yoga and gong teacher, and a gong therapist. He runs the course center Dagsås Yoga Mangalam with Emma Öberg. At the Space of Love, Jesper will be playing gongs for relaxation, healing, to find and raise energy and to open hearts. He will also hold kundalini yoga classes (with gong) with a focus on opening and balancing the energy system and the emotions and leading the mind into a neutral state. He will also lead yoga classes for men only as well as chakra healing circles. Individual gong therapy sessions can be booked.

Sharada (June 5-10)

Sharada has lived the last 10 years in Ubud, Bali and India. She has been studying, teaching and living in a spiritual community under the guidance of her revered teachers who have taught her Vedanta, Sanskrit, Vedic Chanting, Meditation, Puja (Vedic Ritual) as well as Jungian Psychology and Inner Child Meditation. In 2014 She had the privilege to study with Shree Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati during a 3.5 years residential course in India, Vedanta and Sanskrit.

Sharada holds workshops in Bhakti – Ritualizing ones life, Women’s Devi Circle, Vedanta, Guided Meditation & Satsang. For more information see: www.vaidika.org and www.underthebanyantree.info.

Gayatri Schriefer

At the festival Gayatri is offering workshops in Somatics and the art of embodiment. Somatics is a system of slow, mindful movement that improves the function of the nervous system. This work teaches us to recognize and release holding patterns and chronic pain resulting from injury, stress and habituated posture.

Gayatri has spent the last 15 years studying and practicing embodied movement, including Hanna Somatics, the Feldenkrais Method, Body Mind Centering, and several styles of yoga. She is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator from The Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training in California, USA. She has been a student of Kelley Springer for more than 7 years and is studying her Mystery School Training. Gayatri offers training programs in Somatic Education in Russia, Ukraine, India, and Sweden. www.livingsomatics.com

Jahanavi Schriefer

During the festival, Jahanavi will facilitate workshops on self-compassion and embodiment; ”The Power of Self-Compassion”, ”How to Hold Space for Another” and ”Living an Embodied Life”.

Jahanavi holds a master’s degree in communication and a master’s degree in human rights. She has a background of working with change management and embodied leadership in the business sector. Jahanavi also works with individuals, specializing in coaching clients living with chronic pain. She is a life-long student of awakening to the heart. Her teacher since many years is Kelley Springer. Jahanavi loves to facilitate a transformative space and to offer tools for increased wellbeing and quality of life.

Akasha Skaldeman (June 1-10)

Akasha is the overall organizer of the festival, was born and raised in California. She is a belly dancer teacher who began dancing with Jamila Samalpour in San Francisco in 1970 and has been teaching belly dance since 1983. Akasha describes the dance as grounding, empowering, sensual, joyful, beautiful, exhilarating and even spiritual. It is a source of healing and harmony with all it’s circular movement.She became a facilitator of the Dances of Universal Peace in Kansas City in 2007 and would love to take the opportunity to share circles dances from this deeply rich and now international tradition also.

Emma Dinmali Holmlund (June 1-10)

Dinmali coordinates the festival with Akasha. She also offers workshops in family constellations at the festival.”The tools that have provided deep healing for me are the methods I like to share. Familly constellation work is such a tool. I have great respect for the presence that always fills the space when facilitating a Constellation. I am thankful to be able to share this gift of deep healing.”

Tina Ikonomidou & Håkan Lagesson (June 6th-10th)

Tina and Håkan are both kundalini yoga and meditation teachers who continue to explore the unconditional path of the heart. They offer classes, workshops and retreats in Sweden.

Håkan has specialized in the gong and its healing vibrations that take you to a place where thoughts end and the real self begins. Tina’s passion is the soul of Yoga. She works as a therapist and guide, educator and lecturer. During the festival, they will hold a workshop series with 4 workshops dedicated to the opening of our hearts through yoga, meditation, mantra and healing vibrations and sounds from gong, hang, drum and didjeridoo. They will work with our base chakra; take us down into our roots, into our creative flow, up to our power center to eventually blossom into our hearts. They will also hold kundaliniyoga classes with gong relaxation and possibly a couples workshop. Read more about Tina & Håkan here: www.hakanlagesson.com & www.tinaikonomidou.com Tinas Holistic center in Helsingborg: www.helhetsakademin.se

Håkan Lagesson (June 6-10)

Håkan is a Kundalini- and a Gongyoga teacher who lives on Öland where he have yogaclasses, meditation and gong relaxations. He also play the djembe and some didgeridoo and sometimes use them during yoga- and gong classes. Everything in the universe emits a vibration and has a fundamental role in our lives. The human beings have since the beginning of time created vibrations through sounds like music and singing. The gong is a fantastic instrument because the sound created consists of a wide register of tones and at the same time over- and undertones are produced, which creates a very complex sound. The sound that is created forces our brain to stop analyze and allow us to let go and the result is a deep relaxation where healing can take place. Read more at: www.gongyoga.nu

Smrati Skog

A wonderful teacher who has lived and worked for 18 years as a Therapist and Groupleader in Osho Resort, India. She is now based in Gothenburg, Sweden, where she has her practice. In her workshops she go with what is happening here and now and it´s always a surprice! Smrati is leading Courses and Trainings in many countries in Tantra, Rebalancing massage, Pulsation and Aqua floating and Authentic Movement. For more info see www.tantraforum.se

Sofia and Pavel – Internal Power

Generating power through the whole body and re-connecting with our core strength

The workshop will include the basic understanding of good posturing of the body and how to strengthen the body, through using the body as a unified structure instead of focusing on individual muscles and separate parts. This they will do through giving the basic concepts and exercises in the internal power training system.

Benefits from Internal power is basic understanding of how the body naturally is designed to move and work. It is building up the inner power of the body, through re-connecting with its core strength. Based on the ancient systems of the orient (Japanese/Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi, Yoga etc.), it focuses on using tissue (facia) and spirals to generate and direct power through the whole body, rather than just using individual muscles.

Sofia is a Satyananda yoga teacher and Pavel is an experienced martial artist. Both yoga and martial art are about getting to know the body and how it works, and with some basic understanding of internal power they have both felt an increased knowledge of their own bodies which has made them stronger.

Yaor (2-10 juni)

Yaor is a senior Zen Shiatsu therapist and yoga & Qi gong teacher from Israel with 7 years experience. Over the past few years, yaor has being working as a therapist and teacher guiding Shiatsu workshops, and Meridian yoga classes and workshops in Israel & India.

During the festival Yaor will guide Meridian Yoga & Qi gong sessions & Zen Shiatsu workshops for beginners, and will offer private Shiatsu treatments. Meridian Yoga & Qi Gong- The term “Meridians” comes from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and describes the energetic channels that move and flow inside the body. in this workshop We will learn Meridian Yoga “Asanas” (postures) and Qi Gong movements in order to release energetic blockages and gain vitality, silence and peace.

Zen Shiatsu- Shiatsu is a Japanese therapy in which manual (hand) pressure is applied to certain points on the body to work on the body energy (Qi/Meridians) . in this workshop we will learn the basic principles of shiatsu, and practice in pairs as receivers and givers.

Magnus Bengtsson (June 6-11)

Magnus is a practitioner of yoga, and qigong as well as being a circus director.At the festival he will be working with a fun and playful circus for children of all ages (even grownup children). He will teach a variety of circus acts including juggling, acrobatics, tight rope and clownery.

Elin Scott (June 1-10)

En hängiven barnyogi som ansvarar för barnaktiviteterna under festivalen. Elin är diplomerad barnyoga-instruktör samt språk- och religionslärare. Hon är verksam inom Svenska Kyrkan där hon arrangerar yogaträffar, meditationer och stunder av stillhet och närvaro, samt är ansvarig för minior- och juniorgrupper och barnkör. Elin brinner för yoga, utbildning och barns välbefinnande. På festivalen erbjuder hon yogalek, park- och strandlek, ansiktsmålning, sagor, sång, dans, teater och mycket mer. Yogalek kan till exempel vara övningar för att upptäcka andningen som livsverktyg, att aktivt lyssna utåt och inåt, att bygga självkänsla, förbättra koordination, balans, minne, koncentration, tålamod, sätta gränser, dela med sig m.m.


Zenita Lönnström

Is a teacher and mother who loves yoga, meditation, mantra singing, sound healing, etc. She uses these powerful tools in the children’s activities as well as in parenting. She will participate in the festival’s children’s activities and leading yoga for children, yoga story, gong relaxation and song circle.

Lotta How

Jag kommer hålla workshop i Frigörande Andning under festivalen, andningen kommer ge dig en fantastisk möjlighet att komma i kontakt med djupt begravda känslor. Känslor som i många fall styr oss och hindrar energin att flöda fritt såväl fysisk som mentalt. Frigörande Andning är en friskvårdsmetod snarare än terapi, terapin kommer så att säga på köpet. Jag har jobbat med människor de senaste 20 åren och har ett antal utbildningar inom personlig utveckling bla, Andningspedagog, Alkohol/Drogterapeut, Reiki Master, Access Bars, Learning Love mm. Just nu är min huvudsakliga sysselsättning mitt företag Nessagården där jag driver ett familjehem/stödboende för vuxna med beroendeproblematik. Jag välkomnar dig till kärleksfullt möte med dig själv i andningen. Love & Light Lotta


Linnéa had been practicing dance for more than 25 years, in the form of traditional classes where you copy and imitate a leader. She had tried most styles, from Greek folk dance to hiphop. She started longing for something more, something deeper in the dance, something other than memorizing choreographic, trying to get it right and trying to look like somebody else. The most fun moments had always been out in clubs when spontaneous dancing synchronized with other people’s moves on the dance floor or when she entered a state of forgetting time and space and having no thoughts. How do you teach that experience in a class? Is it possible? And how could she provide classes in a certain style, who knew a bit about many different styles?

In 2011 an article appeared in Friskispressen that were about Misty Tripoli and her class The Groove. It was exactly what she had been looking for! A class that unifies the participants in the same rhythm or movement and that is so simple that you can flex your creativity, put your unique mark on the step and at the same time experience how the movement feels in your body, instead of concentrating on getting it right. Different styles of music are mixed so that the span of movement is wide and varied. The Groove is an experience more than a dance class, you don’t know how it feels until you’ve tried. You are warmly invited to this class where you get to express your own unique style and personality, on a dance floor steaming with creativity, depth and joy.

Tim Jago (June 1-10)

TIm is a shaman, a gardener, a kundalini yogi and enjoys primitive living. Tim will offer you a sweat lodge experience which will broaden your horizons and may change your life! Tim’s lodges are based on a celtic shamanic tradition designed to guide you into deep contact with your spirit. In that intimacy you are free to return to your centre and follow your own path. This year I’ll also be inviting you to join me in playing with the Wild Body, a workshop which opens the senses and expands your intuition using the natura around us as our playground.At last the wild one within gets to come out and have fun!


Lin found her Dharma, her path in life in India more than 10 years ago. The practice of yoga was like coming home, and after living a messy life rock n roll life with alcohol, drugs and depressons, yoga and tantra helped her to find not only purpose in life, but joy in every breath. Lin is an educated yoga teacher, yoga therapist doula and dakini, sexual healer and her passion in life is to share freedom and expansion to the world. She runs a yoga studio and a tantric spa in Örebro, arranges Ängsbacka yogafestival and Ängsbacka tantra festival and she works all over the world with workshops and sessions. Lins yoga is soft but yet powerful. It is very allowing and fuses the physical aspects of life with the spiritual aspects. Her yoga opens you up to the forces of nature, your true nature and your place on earth. “Higher consciousness is when you stop worrying about things and you experience pure joy in life. Connected with your ultimate potential you will encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. Enlightenment is emboying the truth that life is truly magic.” Website: www.yogaorebro.se Website: www.theartoflove.nu

Hanzano (June 2-10)

Hanzano has a teacher trainings in virya yoga and yin yoga. He holds classes at Hellasgården in Stockholm and in Skarpnack. He has devoted himself to the practice of yoga for 14 years and often travels to Bali for further study. He believes that yoga can and should be fun. Zoulyoga: The basis is dynamic hatha yoga with a lot of inspiration from Virya yoga’s bio-mechanics and flowing movements. This can be both demanding and challenging. The asanas come from various yoga traditions many different animals and fish are manifested. Unusual variations of the Salute to the Sun pop up on occasion. Classes are geared to the needs and desires of the participants. Yin yoga poses are done at the end of each session. The classes usually consist of about 70% yang energy 30% yin energy. Live music is often integrated into the class.

Paula Nygren

Paula är en passionerad sexsibilitycoach, massör och dansinspiratör som håller uppskattade kurser, ger behandlingar och har coachande samtal för par och enskilda i sitt företag Lust in Life. Hennes stora intresse är människor, växande, dans, njutning och närvaro. Hon vill inspirera dig att vara mer levande, mer i din kropp, öka din lust och vara i kontakt med dina energier. I Göteborg är det fullbokat på sexsibilitykvällar och tantrakurser som hon sedan flera år tryggt och kärleksfullt leder där. Paula lever också ett familjeliv, har tre barn och delar sitt liv med Henrik som har fördjupat sig i shamanism och ger shamansk healing. Tillsammans håller de parkurser i tantra där de delar med sig av relationsstärkande övningar och metoder som varit betydelsefulla för dem under deras tio år tillsammans på tantrans och kärlekens väg. På festivalen kommer Paula hålla i tantra och sexsibilityworkshops där du kan öppna ditt hjärta och möta dig själv och andra i närvaro. Både för singlar och för par. Hon kommer även hålla i frigörande dans, en dansresa genom dina chakran. www.lustinlife.se

Frida Palmenfelt

Frida is a trained Ayurvedic health advisor and masseur. She has recently returned from a trip to India, where she continued to immerse herself in Ayurveda which is an ancient healing tradition that means”Knowledge of life”. Ayurveda take a holistic approach to health where we look at the body, soul and mind like a whole and promise more stability, tranquility and vitality of life through simple, personalized advice in diet, sleep and lifestyle. During the festival, Frida will hold lectures about Ayurveda where you will get knowledge about the 3 diffrent concepts of Vata, Pitta and Kapha with their characteristics and how they can help the body, mind and spirit to be balanced and to work in harmony with each other.

Wilson and Maria Costin (June 5-10)

Wilson and Maria Costin are part of the Panche Community in Colombia. For many years they have been learning with elders of different native tribes such as Arhuaco, Tikuna, Kofan, Siona, Witoto and Muisca. Their mission is to act as bridges to share this wisdom in Europe and bring those willing to learn deeper to our community. The idea is for each individual to reconnect with their ancestors and find their way. They will hold ceremonies with the sacred and ancient substance called Rapé, a powder made from pure tobacco and ashes from medicinal plants. The ceremony is a space of healing and understanding of oneself and the world, spiritual evolvement and a processes of cleaning and detoxification. The powder is applied by blowing it up the nostrils.We will share stories from different traditions, songs, talk and guidance throughout the ceremony. In the end we make a general harmonization and energy cleansing.

David Ivarsson (June 3-10)

Painting and creative processes. David is an art teacher who works with creative processes mainly through painting. He has been guiding groups with children and adults in different constellations, inspired by free creative processes. David lives in Skåne where he works as a teacher. Together with his partner Canelle Chinmayi he has also started the company Cirklar which offers yoga and painting retreats and workshops.
To create without pressure or thoughts about the result is to dedicate yourself to a process which brings you closer to yourself. It is a meditative state taking place outside time and space where you explore, experiment, play and create with colors, shapes and movement.

Lars Hallén

Under Space of Love kommer Lars leda två sessioner av Holotropisk andning. Detta är en intensiv andnings teknik som kan användas för att göra djupdykningar i sinnet. Det kan ibland ge en försmak för vad djup meditation handlar om. Lars Hallén är utbildad i Yoga i Indien och har också tränats i många läkande konster från olika kulturer och vetenskaper. Han undervisar oftast yoga på klassiskt vis och lägger då emfas på att kontinuerligt medvetandegörande alla medvetandets lager och aspekter. Med Buddha som förebild anser Lars att meditationen är allt som en människa egentligen behöver. Därför undervisar han alltid med syftet att skapa mer förståelse för vad meditation är.

Mouschka Shanta Drouzy (June 2-10)
Mouschka is passionate about finding ways to help you step into your inner power & stay there.
For 15 years she has been creating power animal jewellery which she has sold to fashion stores around the world – creating a bridge between ancient wisdom & modern materialism. Energetically & cognitively an animal totem brings back the lost parts of us that it represents.
Find the aMOUSCHKA stand with power animal jewellery, summer offers on private coaching-drumming sessions & shaman drums, which is her new creative passion.
“The drum I built with Vigyan 3 years ago has brought me to places, I didn’t think I would dare to go! And now it has brought me to work with the gifts of the animal kingdom to make powerful sounds that touch your heart & ask you questions”.
Mouschka will facilitate a drum journey at full moon in which you can meet your power animal or ask for help or guidance concerning a life challenge, big or small!


Beatrice Nilsson ”Tigresdevi” (2-10 juni)

From “Powerlifting” to yoga! During the 80s, Beatrice was active in the Swedish national team in powerlifting. She traveled around the world, participated in several Championships, and had the European record in the deadlift, was Nordic Champion etc. Her interest in the deep frequencies, vibrations and freedom came as a teenager, which naturally led to her buying her own Harley Davidson Electra Glide in 1982 and is still driving the same! She Began her work with wellness in 1981 at Varberg Kurort. In 1989 she started her own company,where she currently is working with treatments, yoga, and gong healing. It was in 1988 when she worked as a masseur and fitness instructor in France, that she joined her first course in yoga. “It is among the funnest things I know to find new techniques or really old techniques and then weave them into a beneficial energizing treatment or yoga.” During the last few years, she has become more and more interested in playing the gongs, bowls etc. She enjoys traveling around, playing at events, festivals, pujas and yoga classes almost every week . “I really enoy the creation of healing vibrations. To give people this healing experience. It is really for everyone. The biker, the yogi, the whoever – for world peace!! Vibrations take you to your true inner self. They balance up what is needed for the moment and take you on a journey within and beyond yourself.” “ The Gong is the spirit song it is the primal whisper of the soul!”  Yogi Bhajan www.friskvardscentralen.se    www.handgreppet.se

Mattias Sundman (June 1-10)

Mattias is educated Gong Master and a MEM-Yoga teacher. He is recently on leave and is now trying out his new company – Feel The Vibes (www.feelthevibes.se) on full time. He regularly has Gong Relaxations in Nynäshamn and south of Stockholm and attending festivals and happenings all over in Sweden. The amazing sound of the Gongs helps the mind to “turn off”, which puts you in a state between sleep and awakening. This together with the Gongs vibrations, which goes deep into the body, helps the self-healing process and releases tensions and blockages in the body. After a Gong Bath, you often feel very relaxed and ready to take care of things with new energy!


Sofia Magdalena Chandrakaí

  Sofia is the Creative Communicator. I travel between countries and worlds to transmit messages between humans and between humans and the worlds. I journey for you or guide you through your journey towards yourself through Sound & Vibrations, Breath Work, Sacred Movements, Storytelling, Writing and Dialogue. Service By Magie holds a space for these messages and creative expressions through the ancient arts of Yoga and Shamanism as well as modern communication arts such as writing, consultations and lectures. With the respect of my traditions, the Mexica Moon Dance and the ancient wisdoms of Yoga, and with deep gratitude and respect of the teachings of my maestros and abuelas, I share my interpretations of these sacred wisdoms in Sweden and Costa Rica. At the festival I’ll be sharing a Yin and Drum journey and a Womb Yoga ceremony. Read my story and connect at www.bymagie.com


Flow is a music and poetry commune. Tove Folkesson, Emma Linnros, Erica Bjuremark, Samuel Lundström and Clara Andermo will visit Öland and gift us with their beautiful and artistic interpretation of the present moment. They are all musicians and will give us a concert which weaves together music, poetry and improvisation in a playful and unique manner. FLOW will even offer workshops in music/song/poetry in which improvisation is an important tool used to create together and experience the FLOW that we all have the possibility to discover. www.tovebetyderduva.blogspot.com www.myspace.com/ericabjuremark www.myspace.com/mirem

Annkarina Vesterberg (June 2-10)

Annkarina’s interest in herbs was awakened when she worked with Harry Bloom, the founder of Örtagubben, one of Stockholm’s first health food stores. “I want to pass on this knowledge as my legacy to the next generation.” AnnKarina has published the booklet “Weeds, Herbs and Uncooked”. At the festival AnnKarina will offer the workshop: Weeds … Herbs and uncooked. “We will get to know weeds and wild herbs that are yummy food and also how to prepare delicious teas made from fresh herbs that are available at the local grocery stores. We will go through the recipes for uncooked food, live food, which today is popularly known as “raw food”. The aim is to inspire and enable you to seek more knowledge and experience in the field. When you return home you will have some new ideas about food preparation. Bring a notebook and pen. AnnKarina is a vedic artist also and available for tutoring sessions, as well as private teacher trainings for those wishing to become VedicArt teachers. Read more on the website www.annkarinavesterberg.com