Space of Love 3 – 12 June 2022

Teachers and Musicians

A selection of old favorites and new treats.

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(This list will be continuously updated throughout the spring)

Sky Akasha Tobias (June 3-12)

“What a wonderful journey yoga has provided!” It’s been 29 years of keeping the practices alive in my life, learning about the inner journey and understanding the whole. In the early days I tried every style I could find, fast and slow, athletic and still, eventually it led to Sama Yoga, free from extremes and with balance in all aspects of life. This is what I teach and what I live. Marriage and having a child have only enhanced my devotion for yoga and receiving gracefully all that is. Teaching Sama Yoga is always an honour and a blessing.

Eva Dunder (June 4-12)

At the festival, Eva will give workshops, songs, concerts and hold the Open Stage. There will be live mid-day lunch concerts, tell us if you want to perform. The workshops Eva offers are:

– Open Heart Jam: An intuitive improvised journey through sounding, singing, playing, sharing, and dancing.

– Intuitive Expressive Song: Playful sound/song exercises and intuitive singing and chanting together.

– West African Inspired Dance with live drums: Shake your body and release a lot of toxins and inhale more energy and joy in your life!

Eva is also giving a concert with the high energy boost world-reggae band Mamma Dunder!

Eric Amarillo (June 9-12)

As an intuitive multi-instrumentalist, yoga-dancer and vocalist Eric works as a channel for healing and awakening frequencies. Combining ancient techniques of overtone chanting and Ki body movements with analog electronics and jazz harmonics is his unique and groundbreaking way of expressing the Divine. As an audience or partaker of one of Erics sonar meditations you will often be guided to join the chanting and the body movements.

You will awaken dormant DNA, these frequencies work as a cleansing for the chakras, my sonar meditations open up and unlocks so that you can handle and process all the new light codes pouring in. We first sit down in slow breathing, the collective breath sets the tone and then I transcend, the sounds and music thereafter are directly channeled to you, in that room, for that specific moment within this construct of Time.

Two albums are released with Eric Amarillos healing sonar meditations on Spotify: Kybalion and Solar Logos. Also visit Eric Amarillo on YouTube.

Rico & Eija Luna (June 3-12)

Rico is a multi-instrumentalist with an emotional and vibrating presence. His musical expression is inspired by West Africa and Brazil, although the music is often created in the moment. He loves to combine his great interests music, presence, meditation and free expression.

Eija Luna was born in music and joy! Her radiant personality opens up for love in many forms and her spontaneous way of guiding and expressing herself is deeply inspiring. Eija Luna is 10 years old and has already played at several festivals, both solo and in bands and co-facilitated dynamic singing circles with her father Rico

Together Rico & Eija Luna are at the beginning of an active musical journey where they together explore different forms of creation. They sing simple songs, heart songs, interpretations from different cultures, sound journeys, body music, and even some pop and funk.

At Space Of Love we get to take part in 1 concert and 2 body music song circles and we can look forward to beautiful heart-filled moments and pure love.

Christopher Sigmond (June 3-9)

Christopher wrote his first songs when he was 5 years old living in Kenya. A ”few” years have passed since then, and today he is a multi-instrumentalist and workshop leader, who loves to offer conscious dance to live music.

During Space of Love Christopher will lead four dance workshops: Each workshop has its own theme and is complete in itself, but together they complement each other and make a whole. In the series we will explore four fields of human existence: physical, emotional, intellectual and social. Grounding and integration are emphasised at the end of each workshop. There is no choreography to this dance, but rather it’s about exploring and discovering the movement innate in each moment, and to get an opportunity to express this. The dance is also supported by improvised live music on various instruments, e.g. drums, piano and flute.

People who have participated at Christopher’s workshops have said that they felt safe, calm and good. While having a holistic perspective on the human being, Christopher strives to have a pragmatic approach to what he teaches, especially when it comes to spiritual topics – these things should not be merely theories, but rather understandable, applicable and nurturing in everyday life. Preferably served with a healthy dose of humour!

Pontus Jansson (June 3-6)

Pontus Jansson is a freestyle Rock Balancing artist. The photographs and videos of his work have gained a lot of appreciation on social media. His creations appear to be glued together but they are not. They look magical, are they earth benders? Pontus has taught many people of all ages this artform He considers it a form of playful, creative meditation which is very grounding. Pontus Jansson’s followers often say his work brings peace to their day.

Boris and Nina Snäll (June 4-12)

Boris sees humor as one of the most important tools for inner development. His broad background from Kung Fu, Circus, Gymnastics and Dance inspires and makes his courses entertaining and with a refreshing feeling. Everything we perceive as challenges turns into play when we feel safe in a welcoming environment. Change happens in every moment and Boris honors that process in every class by balancing the right amount of challenge and playfulness. Everyone is welcome to take part in the journey.
Nina is the mother of three children, yoga teacher, doula, baby coach. She has worked with yoga, acrobatics and massage for a large part of her life. You can ask her anything. She is an open book.
At Space of Love, she will above all share wonderful acroyoga that brings us closer to each other and the game.

Johannes Leo and Yessi (June 3-12)

JOHANNES LEO is a holistic voice therapist, sound healer and voice alchemist who has attended “the British Academy of Sound Therapy” and “Harmonic Sounds” in Spain. His fascination with the power of sound has taken him on a journey to various instruments, through songwriting and composing, and as a song circle facilitator. Today he works both with groups and 1 on 1. Leo experiences infinite joy when it comes to exploring his own voice and loves to invite others to find their true authentic voices and share the knowledge of the great potential for growth and healing that the voice has.

YESSI RUSCH is an intuitive healer, heart-coach, energy bodyworker and artist who provides transformative group programs for women, workshops and 1-to-1 sessions. She strives to take care of mother earth and is passionate about supporting healing in all its forms.

During the festival, Yessi will, among other things, hold a workshop called “peaceful heart” where you are deeply invited to connect with your heart.

Zoë (June 10-11)

Zoë, known from the Swedish successful TV-show, ”Life on the Other Side”, is one of Scandinavia’s leading Spiritual Teachers. She is a Best-Selling Author of the book “Mastering the Art of Success” with Jack Canfield et al. Zoë has created the unique concepts Be an Attractive Magnet™, Soul Vibration Marketing™ and Nordic Light Healing™. Thousands of people have taken part of her DNA activations and Cosmic Language, which contains information, high-frequency healing energies, and codes for the Ascension. Cosmic Language facilitates First Contact as well.

Using Atlantean Crystal Technology, she has programmed the 5-33 crystal pendant, with The Golden Frequency, to upgrade the DNA. Zoë gives her successful 21-Day and 5-Day Healing Programs Online, which have helped thousands of people in the Ascension process. Zoë´s concepts have been praised by Jack Canfield. “This is what was missing in The Secret”, Jack Canfield. She has an Academic background in the field of Neuroscience and has worked as a professional singer/songwriter for many years. Zoë spreads unconditional love and works on a very high frequency level, which makes her a unique experience.

Zoë will share her healing energies and Cosmic Language during the festival.

Read more about Zoë here:

Sereno Cantaro (June 3-12)

A free man on earth and a teacher of self rediscovering, music, dance and enjoyment Adventurer, improviser in and off stage. Thinker and provoker to the depths of existence. Professional amateur (non-pretentious lover of doing). Student of non-self importance, wonderer shaman. Serious manifestor, and alchemist of the now No joke. At the Space of Love festival Sereno will facilitate playshops such as Nagual frequencies and singing circles in which we will aim to release existential fears through your voice expression and silent breath. He will give a tantric talk about “Golden therapy” an ancient healing technic with involves drinking your morning urine. For the children and youth, he will also hold Loops aided by his loop machine. And for all ages he will offer “Animal training” based on capoeira and free  dance. Sereno will guide you to sweat your shame out and feel free. In another playshop, Sereno invites kids ages 7 -16 to design their own ceremonies and learn about ancient ways to built-in the quantum field.

Roland Nahringbauer (June 3-6)

Roland is a kundalini yoga teacher and has helped lead Aquarian Sadhana on the beach at sunrise during many previous festivals. This will also be the case this year during the festival’s first weekend, when you have the opportunity to come into direct contact with the soul’s qualities of love, fearlessness and inner satisfaction. In addition to kundalini yoga, he will offer a circle for men together with Andreas Karlsson. They collaborate to create retreats and other events to support men in personal development and increased well-being. Roland is also happy to share his enthusiasm for and knowledge of board sports such as wingfoling and surf skating. But be warned, it can be addictive :).

Web: Facebook:

Jochem Meijer

Sharing the vibrations of the didgeridoo has for a long time been one of the biggest passions of Jochem. The combination of Breath, Rhythm and Vibration connects us to that deep collective field of authenticity, from where true expression of the Self can take place and the clutter that’s not important can drop away. Jochem can play in all kinds of settings, from sensitive sound healings to full-on parties. Besides being a musician the Dutchman from birth has been a chef for many years, also on courses, retreats and alternative events and is an experienced astrologer.

Magnus Nilsson (June 3-12)

I am an artist, painter, qigong practitioner and yoga and meditation teacher. My lifelong search for truth and existential meaning has blessed me with the opportunity to study with competent and wise teachers from different spiritual traditions. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies. I live together with my family in Uddebo, a small alternative village in Sweden. In my teachings my main focus is to bring forth what is always true, good and beautiful in our lives and into the world.

What you can expect from my classes. We will practise simple, playful and natural movements that are soothing and nourishing for the whole being. In connection with nature and the elements we will also do qigong meditations and practise loving kindness. No previous experience of qigong is necessary How we can develop the Heart and implement these qualities in everyday life is of great importance in my teachings.

I will also offer Swedish Classical Massage with ayurvedic oils at the festival.

Anna Helgesson (June 3-12)

Anna is a certified nature- and forest bathing guide and will be offering a unique experience of forest bathing at the festival. Forest bathing is not about taking a bath in a forest lake but rather an experience of bathing our senses in the natural environment of the forest. Our senses and the nature help us to open up to a deeper connection and presence with life and our own inner nature. You are invited to join a guided experience of easy mindful activities that aim to reconnect ourselves with nature and be present in the Now. – facebook sida

Adrian Atma  (June 10-12)

Adrian was born in France and started his journey with music in his early 20’s. He plays guitar, piano and many other instruments. He is influenced by flamenco, french gypsy jazz, Klezmer and middle eastern music. He released his first album in 2009 with his trio Meridiano.

Following that his music journey expanded and he began traveling solo internationally. In India he recorded an album with musicians from Rajasthan and later another album in Mexico 2012 with “ the soul fire project”. Each different destination inspired his approach to music. He stopped making music during a 5 year period in which he dedicated his life to the practice of meditation, tantra, shamanism and yoga.

Following that he restarted music with a different approach and created his present project “Mystic loop”. For him music is very sacred and a spiritual practice itself. He perceives the power of transmission through his music to the audience which can awaken a deeper aspect of their being. This project is based on improvisation, spontaneous creativity and channeling. The performance is always unique. The same seed songs are performed but always with variations specific to the moment and the audience.

The Groovy Set: Video

Pavel & Sofia (June 3-12)

Sofia is a Satyananda Yoga teacher and Pavel is an experienced martial artist as well as a Parkour and acrobatics enthusiast.They will hold a workshop in Internal Power, including the basic understanding of good posturing  and how to strengthen the body, through using the body as a unified structure instead of focusing on individual muscles and separate parts. They will share the basic concepts and exercises in the Internal Power training system.Benefits from Internal power is deeper understanding of how the body naturally is designed to move and work. It is building up the inner power of the body, through re-connecting with its core strength. Based on the ancient systems of the orient (Japanese/Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi, Yoga etc.), it focuses on using tissue (facia) and spirals to generate and direct power through the whole body, rather than just using individual muscles.

Daniel Wilby. (June 3-12)

Daniel is a teacher and mentor within personal and spiritual development, psychedelic counselor and nature therapist in service of Mother Earth and the sacred mushroom. Or shaman as it can also be called.

A significant part of his work has been devoted to shadow work and conditions such as exhaustion, depression, addiction and trauma. The other side of that coin is growing from what has been, finding one’s potential and vision, and self-realisation.

His new book “Läka & Växa – en shamans verktygslåda” (Heal & Grow – a shaman’s toolbox) has recently been published and can be read for free at: For now the book is only in Swedish. It also includes a deck of cards for self-therapy in nature (also called forest bathing) which will be launched in May. The cards will be available in both Swedish and English.

At the festival he will give a lecture and take questions on the topic of how to safely work with entheogens. In addition, Daniel is happy to share techniques and thoughts for personal and spiritual development, both individually and in groups, so anyone who feels interested can talk to him about it.

Kerstin Axelsson (June 7-11)

My daily morning yoga began in 2009 and has since then continued to enrich my life. During the festival, I will be holding Sadhana between June 7-11. Manereia Hanuman will be accompanying us instrumentally during the mantra singing. Aquarian Sadhana from Kundalini Yoga is composed for the stresses and developments during this time. The hallmark of Aquarius is “we”, not “I”. The hour before sunrise is the time period called “ambrosial hours” or “amrit vela”. During amrit vela, the sun is at a sixty-degree angle to the earth and the energy radiating in sadhana has a “supercharging” result You will receive all the mantras on paper so you can join in even if you are a complete beginner. Dress warmly and bring an extra blanket or sleeping bag with you. As the sun rises, it gets warmer and the layers of clothes decrease. A hat is nice both for the strong energies in the mantras and because it is a bit chilly. We start by reading Japji, here lies the power of the combination of sound “naad” After that it’s time to tone down and do our morning yoga together.

Emma Dinmali (June 3-12)

Emma Dinmali did the Osho terapeut training in Pune, India 2002 and since 2003 she facilitates family constellations. Some years ago she got the education for TRE – Tension and Trauma Release Exercises. She teaches how TRE activates the natural inner shaking mechanism that releases old and new stress and tensions trapped in the body and nervous system. Emma Dinmali is also certified in EFT tapping and at the festival she will show how to tap with your fingers on meridian points on your body to calm the nervous system and break limiting beliefs.

Inaya Oakroot  (June 7-10)

Cesilia is the creator of the transformative books “This Creative Existence – Unfolding a new conscious world” and “Dreamstate – Where you bring forth your being”. Through the arts she weaves our senses into inner travels. She connects the eye of the artist and the language of the poet to crawl behind the three-dimensional image of the world, into transformation.

To the Space of Love Festival, she brings her crystal singing bowls, her drum and her voice in overtones. Her guided meditations take you into your own divinity and your ability to create your life in resonance with the Cosmic flow.

She will also offer Soul Realignment sessions, a healing purification that clears negative karmic blockages from previous lives and the present one.

Paula Nygren (June 3-8)

Paula is a tantrica, a passionate sexsibility coach, tantric masseur and experienced tantra teacher. She loves to inspire people to invite more lust and love into their lives. Paula is much appreciated for her joyful way of creating a loving, safe and open space to relax and grow in, both in sessions and in workshops. She wants to inspire you to be in contact with your heart and body, to increase your lust and communicate more lovingly. Paula lives in the countryside outside Varberg with her husband Henrik Bengtsson and their three children. At the festival she will teach workshops together with Henrik: Tantric touch and Tantric magical meetings. Paula will also share her workshop Women Rising – Tantra for Women.

Jem (Chan Phap Ho), (June 3-12)

Jem left a legal career in Stockholm to live as a monk for 18 years in the Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism in France and California. Jem has been a Dharma teacher since 2010 and Zen master and peace activist Thich Nhat Hahn is his teacher. During his years as a monk, he has met and taught thousands of fellow human beings who sought greater wisdom and guidance in their lives and inner journeys. In the autumn of 2018, Jem himself suffered a major life test when he was diagnosed with cancer. The incident made him seek to return to his roots in Sweden and since 2020, Jem has left his life as a monk. He has continued to dedicate his life to working as a Dharma teacher and has recently trained as a qigong teacher. Jem will lead meditation, qigong and workshops in the art of living in the present during this year’s festival. Jem works under Hjärtats Glädje there blog. courses and retreats are offered:

Linnéa (June 3-12)

Linnéa is a registered licensed Mace Energy (MEM) Practitioner and the Ambassador for the World Groove Movement in Sweden. At the festival she offers creative dance experiences (The Groove), as well as a workshop about intention holding based on the studies of Lynne Mactaggart. Linnéa has 26 years of dance experience and is educated in a large variety of dance styles. The Groove is much about the connection to your body, breath, the music and to others. The instructions are simple so you can focus on how it feels rather than having to think about getting it right. Linnéa is also available for private MEM Therapy sessions at the festival, which lets a person move from a negative aspect of life to the positive side of life quickly.

Elin Ljuset Scott (June 3-12)

Elin is a dedicated children’s yogi responsible for the activities for the children and teenagers at the festival. She has many years of experience working with youth’s development supporting them towards a life in harmony. Elin is a certified sama-, yin- and kids yoga teacher and has a master in pedagogics. Within the Swedish Church Elin offers yoga, meditation and life coaching circles for young women and is in charge of kids’ choirs and creative activities. At Space of Love, she offers activities for the children at the festival ages 4-12. Some of the activities she offers are yoga, games, forest and beach activities, storytelling, singing, dancing, acrobatics, sweat lodge for kids, crafts, drawing and more. As one of the co-creators of the festival she welcomes everyone to the festival -especially the children!

Magnus Bengtsson (June 3-7)

At the festival Magnus invites children, youth and adults to his circus school. He is an appreciated circus artist and has many years of experience working with children and youth. Magnus teaches the art with much joy and inspiration and with the attitude that there is something for everyone to learn. He is from Falkenberg and founded Magnus Circus School in year 2005. In his school you will learn the fundamental techniques of juggling will balls, rings, devil sticks, diablo, stilts, line dance, acrobatics and clownery. “In circus everyone finds their thing!”, Magnus says. At the end of the Circus school a circus performance will be held for the participants that whish to part take.

For more on Magnus, please see the video “Magnus cirkusskola”.

Julia Woxberg  (June 4-8)

I am passionate about our Nordic roots and the music and mysteries that can be found in our in the historical cultural treasures from this part of the planet. One of the great treasures is that of the herding of the cows each summer. It was generally the women who had the task of managing the cows, flocking them to the forest in the summer, milking them and making products of the milk. There was always music present which sprang out of the women’s direct contact with the wild forest, animals and each other. A completely unique melodic language was created and used daily. That and more from the traditions and fairy tales of folk music and the Swedish folk soul, I am happy to tell about and convey in artistic form when we meet Öland. Welcome to the vibration of Nordic music and mysticism!

Rebecka Magnusson (June 3-12)

Rebecka’s yoga journey started in the ashtanga tradition but has branched out over the years and today she mainly teaches in vinyasa and yin yoga. During the festival, she will give a workshop in “Happy hips” (yin) that focuses on releasing and dissolving tensions in the hips. She will also invite you to an inversion workshop (Yang) where we turn ourselves upside down and work on strength and stability. Rebecka also works as a masseur and ayurveda therapist, the massage bench follows, if you want to book a treatment.

Camila Rivera

Camila Rivera trained as an opera singer up to Masters level in Australia for eight years before taking a long break from music. Coming from a lineage of healers, she has been called to use her voice to help others access deeper parts of self where healing, pleasure, and expansion reside.

Camila found a musical home with her set of seven crystal bowls (tuned to each chakra) and shamanic drum. She is a self-confessed dance meditation junkie and is a regular on the Gothenburg scene having played long and short sound journeys at a number of 5Elements events, as well as at Circle Flow, Tribe Gathering in Skåne, at women’s circles, and other ceremonies. She regularly plays during relaxation/integration at the weekly 5 Elements ~ free flow dance event. Camila is also one half of the improvising duo Rising Glow, whose music can be found on Spotify.

At this year’s Space of Love, Camila will play a sound journey through the seven chakras with the help of seven crystal bowls (each bowl tuned to each chakra) and Camila’s magical voice. You will feel this vibrating as much in your ears as you will in your body, and soul. Experience the marshmallow-like richness and abundance of clay-rich earth, the sensuous meandering of water, the raw expanding force of fire, the soft touch of air, and the dreamy suspension of ether. The journey will be followed a short vocal exploration where participants will get to also explore what their own voices are yearning to express.

Joseph Wallin

Joseph has been passionate about drumming for more than half of his life. For a long time, he would join different bands and play his love of music on stage. The last two years he has paused most of his performances to dive deeper into spiritualizing his relationship with Music. He has the understanding that all of us have the capacity to express ourselves through rhythms, just as everyone can learn how to speak. Joseph is now traveling around the world to facilitate Community Drum Circles and share his passion for rhythm.

Hanzano Lidbrink (June 3-12)

I teach dynamic Hatha yoga which makes you warm, strong, supple, calm and good-looking. Everyone can join. I call my yoga ”Zoulyoga” with a foundation of dynamic Hatha yoga mixed with yin yoga, bikram yoga and other things I like. My classes can be quite playful and fun. I like when yoga is unpretentious but I also don’t want to detract from the depth that yoga offers. I have taught yoga at Hellasgården in Stockholm for many years. I have a Yoga studio on Utö where I teach yoga classes daily during the summer.

Space of Love is a re-occurring event in my summer and I will return for the 16th time to the festival. At the festival I will also play music as a bass player. As a musician I love to play all types of music and enjoy playing in all kinds of collaborations.

Sara and Andreas

Sara and Andreas are two individual parts of a powerful soul union, and together they form a strong channel for energy to flow through. They are deeply dedicated to their shared mission to serve as Spokesmen of the Earth and being True Warriors of The Heart . They have explored a multitude of spiritual and shamanic disciplines and different paths to find a way of healing the body, heart and soul. Their work currently focuses on the pure power of the heart and a refined form of shamanic methods within the field of energy medicine. During the festival they will offer a workshop called Heart Power Transmission, which is a ceremonial energetic group healing transmission. They do also offer private healing sessions and spiritual guidance.

Mattias Sundman

Mattias will be offering daily Lunch-Gong at the festival. He is an educated Gong Master and MEM Gong-Yoga teacher and runs his own company called “Feel the Vibes – Gong, Yoga & Meditation”. Mattias was inspired by Shervin Boloorian on the healing power of sound which led him to begin his sound-journey by playing Gong.

The sound of the Gong stills the mind, with the effect that you may experience a state between sleep and awakeness. The vibrations, which go deep into the body, help the body’s self-healing ability to dissolve tension and stress. After a Gong Session you often feel relaxed and can approach life with renewed energy! Read more about Mattias: and FB-Gong-group in Stockholm: Gongavslappning i Stockholm.

Beatrice Nilsson  (June 6-9)

“I find it so inspiring to create experiences with healing vibrations and sounds. It really is for everyone! Vibrations that take you into your inner true self, Anandamayakosha, balances what is needed in the moment and takes you on a journey within and outside yourself ”

Beatrice has worked with wellness since 1981 mostly with various massage treatments. She then continued with educations and courses in various treatment techniques, QiGong, various yoga traditions (SamaYoga, medi yoga, Yin yoga, MEM yoga, Gong Yoga) and gong educations with Don Conreaux, Methab Benton, Jens Zyger, Tom Soltron, Abbey del Sol, Gongmuse Mojca, Martin Bläse, Bjørn Løken….  She is a Certified World Peace Gongplayer of the Gong Academy.

Beatrice just loves to create healing experiences and make others feel good in both their body & their soul. The Gongs are here to serve the World with Healing & Peace. And  Beatrice see herself as a intermediary of those vibrations while playing the Gongs Vibrations that take you into your inner true self, Anandamayakosha, balance what is needed in the moment and take you on a journey within and outside yourself. •let go •clear the brain •get gonged!

Mouschka Shanta Drouzy (June 3-12)

Her passion is to help people listen to their deeper voice and trust that voice in order to stand in their power. As an entrepreneur, Mouschka is learning by doing and dares to jump into the new. She advocates total honesty as a means of loving oneself and honoring another’s power. The space she creates is both serious and humoristic. At the festival, she will guide a drum journey ceremony. When she drums, she uses her knowledge of Reiki and lets the drum and its spirits be the guide. She also gives drum-coaching sessions that include finding hidden limiting beliefs, working with the emotions hidden in the body and implementing transformative energy work through visualization.

Sanna Akasha Tobias (June 3-12)

My life is devoted to studying Yogic/vedic wisdom and integrating it into every aspect of my life. How to find complete peace and freedom and to keep the teaching tradition of Vedanta alive. For the last 10 years I have the immense privilege to spend 8 months of the year living with and having daily classes my teachers Swamiji and Radha. I will share some of the knowledge and tools that have been most crucial in my own healing and journey towards Moksha – freedom. At the festival I will offer classes in:

– Trust, seen from a Yogic perspective and integrated with psychology

– Healing the inner child and unconscious

– Yogic Wisdom for healthy relating

– Yogic/Universal Values – crucial for inner peace


Sharada is a devoted and committed student and teacher of Vedanta and the Vedic Tradition for many years. She is originally from Switzerland – Philippines, living in Ubud, Bali for 11 years in a spiritual community.Sharada has studied Vedanta, Sanskrit, Meditation, Puja and Chanting with her revered teachers in the lineage of Swami Dayananda since 2010. Her teachers have blessed her to pass on the teachings and the beautiful devotional practices that help one to grow and find permanent happiness and security. Her devotion shines through in all she offers, especially in mantra chanting, rituals and during women’s circles.Her background in Odissi Dance, which is a temple dance, has helped her own discovery of the sacred feminine profoundly.She is the creatrix of Be Woman Project that offers international women’s circle facilitator courses that are based on the Vedic Tradition, incorporating a holistic and tantric approach to reclaiming one’s own self-worth & returning to healthy integrated wellness that deeply honors all beings as sacred. She is currently part- taking in the 1-year VITA Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching program with Layla Martin.For more information see: and Instagram see Sharada Vaidika and Be Woman Project.

Anneli (June 3-12)

Anneli is an internationally certified Kundalini yoga teacher and meditation teacher. With a penchant for sound, vibration and mantra. She is dedicated and humble in her way of leading yoga, with a deep sensitivity to the subtle energy that moves through us all. Anneli has for several years held Aquarian Sadhana on the beach at sunrise at the festival. This year she will hold heart-opening and expanding yoga sessions.

Akasha Skaldeman  (June 3-12)

Akasha, the overall facilitator of the festival, was born and raised in California. She has been the organizer of the festival since 2005 and finds a great joy and purpose in this co-creation. She came originally to the festival as a belly dance teacher and a later as a facilitator of the Dances of Universal Peace. She would love to take the opportunity to share the circle dances from this deeply rich and now international tradition.